Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Books I'm Thankful for us Getting

Since we all feel a little frustrated with it I might as well think of the good things we got.

  • Demon Knights. Lots of fun and twists. It exists on it's own since it take place at a different time but in some cases we see what certain characters were like when they were younger. It paints a better picture of who they are and why they changed.
  • Batwing. I trade waited on this and it's so good. I don't really care for most of the Batman Inc. stuff but Batwing is a real gem. I'm firmly in the David camp as he showed something not really explored. His struggles felt more real and at times futile than Bruce Wayne's fight in Gotham. Plus I love redemption stories.
  • I, Vampire. It's another great series with great characters. It's NOT the Twilight book many suspected. This was always entertaining and despite being cut short never felt like we were cheated on the story. Everything flowed and it even managed a few surprises.
  • Sword of Sorcery. This was my favorite female lead book in the new 52 and was always a joy to read. Of course it's being cancelled but it managed to explain it's world without ever putting breaks to the plot.
  • Justice League Dark. Another welcomed book in a sea of superhero series. Some writing changes don't work as well as others but it's part of a wave of books that wouldn't have existed prior to the relaunch.
  • Green Lantern books. Admittedly I haven't been following any GL series since the relaunch but I just want to say I'm happy that all the Earth GLs made it into DCnU. We even got another GL. And will be having a female one in the future.
  • Justice League International (before the Annual.) Booster Gold in charge with Batman trusting him, a supportive team and potential love interest. It was good while it lasted.
  • Batwoman I didn't like the first trade but I loved her team up with Wonder Woman forward. I enjoy Kate and her cast. I'm thrilled that she has her own series. As long as she remains her own woman and doesn't become lost in Batman's shadow I'll be happy.
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws It's more than what people labelled and seeing these characters grow has earned a special place in my heart. Kori isn't pining over Dick, she's a former space commander. Roy is a tech genius that loves his friends above all else. And Jason is on a path to redemption and has the support he needs. I might not like the current story under Tynion but Lobdell created something special I adore.
At the moment that's all I can think of but I'm sure there are some I forgot.


  1. There are some great books in your list. Batwing was a winner for me as well. Mostly before he got involved with Gotham. I really need to catch up but the first big story arch was fantastic.

    I, Vampire was also great until the final arch which felt a little rushed and lost all sense of artistry. But all in all, it was a great run.

    With Red Hood I do need to catch up as well. I was really enjoying that book.

    Justice League International... A great book that got ditched in favor of an all-action one... I guess that's what's selling these days.

  2. Batwing-Yeah I'm not really into the Gotham stuff, it changes what the book was about and I found myself losing interest fast.

    I, Vampire-The last trade I read sometime after the first two so it didn't come off as rushed for me. But thinking about it now it probably was a little. I wasn't disappointed with it just sad to see it go.

    RHATO-Where did you leave off?

    JLI-I think it would have been more action packed if Jurgens was allowed to do more. The book was selling well enough but editorial had other plans.

  3. I guess the JLI just wasn't dark and gritty enough--

    Anyway, I never dropped off Red Hood and the Outsiders, since I get the books digitally, I still have my eye on them, but I guess it's been about a year since I last read the book-- It definitely needs a catch up!

  4. Egad, there are some pretty good books there! I do miss JLI terribly.

  5. Christian: I think Johns wanted to do something with Booster and felt he needed to bring him down like he did in CTIC. It just feels like something he'd do. There hasn't been much of a follow up though.

    Lobdells' last issues were great but I'm not a fan of what Tynion has been doing.

    Sally: Yeah I'm kind of dreading what happens to those characters especially Booster. Mostly because I feel the annual is all their let be canon now.

  6. Demon Knights was splendid - thoroughly enjoyed just about every issue. Frankenstein was good, too.

    A couple of the others in your list (JL Dark, I Vampire) I've picked up in the trades and enjoyed on the whole.

    And yeah, poor old JLI...

  7. I'm trade waiting the rest of Demon Knights and JLD, I, Vampire is over but it was fun while it lasted.

    I really thought they would have done something else with the members from JLI by now. Especially Booster.

  8. Well, I read somewhere that Booster Gold would be getting a new book. :)

    I can't wait.

  9. I've been hearing rumors for awhile and it certainly makes sense that something will be done since Johns made sure he was at a certain place. Plus he's setting up the Kord angle too.

    I'm just not sure when.