Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Short Review: Forever Evil #3

Since I was in the area I managed to snag this one early instead of waiting for my next trip or ordering online. You know I thought this was a five parter until I checked and it said seven parts. That makes more sense because this still has a slow pace.


That being said more is going on than in the last issue but it just feels like Johns is stretching things out a little too much. I was generally entertained by the small bits we're shown of Lex trying to be patient with Bizarro. It's obvious he wants to scream at him but knows it's not going to help. The fight between Black Adam and Ultraman was short and I'm not sure if I should really care about this Black Adam. This is the same version that killed his nephew to gain power, right? The best part of the villain sections was the Rogues. From Power Ring freaking out to the Rogues odd position at the end of the fight. Captain Cold wanted to get rid of his powers and now he loses them at the worst time. And the other Flash villains can't help because they can't escape after Deathstorm breaking the glass.

The only development I liked as far as our Earth 3 baddies are concerned was Power Ring realizing ice made his hand feel better. But his ring shatters it to remind him that he has 15% power remaining and that he's an idiot.

I wish that there was more of a reaction to Batman seeing Nightwing unmasked and at others mercy. Just a few panels of him silently staring at the screen would have been enough. Even a slight hesitation on calling his adopted son a friend. Regardless I'm glad we saw Batman finding out even if Catwoman doesn't know who Richard Grayson is she seems to get there's some connection. But wouldn't she know that Nightwing works with Batman? The bat baddies used to know Nightwing was the first Robin, they don't now?

This was a okay read but I'm waiting for some action. What we've had so hard has been one sided fights that never last long.

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