Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mattel Ending DC Classics?

It sounds like it which isn't surprising given the state of their Club line also ending due to low sales. Which has happened for various reasons such as the character selections and slipping quality of the DC lines. Damian and Doomsday apparently will be the last figures they come out with. A shame because Mattel could have done some great figures but never got around to it.

Ice is coming out since she's turned up on Ebay but I haven't seen the preorder up at normal sites.

Apparently Batman Beyond is coming out with three heads (Batman/old Bruce/Terry) and a mini figure? See that's the sort of extras I love.


  1. An Ice figure in her best costume, with the little t-shirt over her outfit would be fabulous.

  2. It would. I heard that on normal online sites she'd be available in several months but she's on ebay for half the price minus the packaging and ice accessory.

    She's a most for JLI fans.