Monday, November 11, 2013

FEBRUARY Solicitations!

Not to many I want to get but that doesn't mean some of these didn't grab my attention.


Forever Evil #6

This cover made me smile, not because I love seeing Dick abused. Or even because he's abused on so many covers. No, I just told Sally that I think this series will pick up when Dick does something. And one issue before the end he's still tied up. Pick up the pace Johns!
Justice League #28
Pervy Gold! Focus on the danger not--whatever the hell you're doing! Stop that!
Batman/Superman and Worlds' Finest
That Huntress design looks like Helena B. with the big shoulder pads. Otherwise I'll give this a pass because I don't want to read anything that ties into Worlds' Finest. It bugs me that I can't read any of the Gotham lady books lately.
Catwoman #28
This was the same deal last month although I notice the storylines goes into different titles like "Catbird." ...WTF? And Selinas' dream (or whatever this is supposed to be) is to be Robin to Batman? Does she see herself as less than him or does she think being Robin equals lover? I mean dreams are supposed to be a clue into the person's psyche in these things, right?
Batgirl #28
Speaking of things I can't take seriously the image of Babs posed to strike like a vampire only made me smile at the ridiculousness of it. Sorry Barbara but you lost the intimation factor (at least with me) when you became Batgirl again.
Nightwing #28
What was I saying about Nightwing abuse? And this is just his devoted fans. Don't worry they just want his blue costume back. Oh! Fingerstrips!
Batman : The Dark Knight #28
If I had to guess (which is all I do for these) I'd say Manbat is doing upside down yoga to move past his hunger. Batman is frozen in place as his eyes scan up to confirm that Manbat is in fact nude. Which makes his bat shaped brass knuckles bad form.
Red Hood and the Outlaws #28
Art-wise I would have had the trio facing us to make this cover more engaging. I do like the detail that Roy isn't drinking (although neither should Kori/Jason to show support.) Tynion finally acknowledges that Jason sorta had a girlfriend which would have been a far better story to start with after all the DOTF fall out. I'm not commenting on the rumor until the next solicit or we get actual confirmation.
Green Lantern/Red Lantern/Supergirl #28

Interesting twist I don't think anyone saw coming. From what I can see I think this costume is better than her usual one. Speaking of new looks what is up with Guy? Not sure if I like it. Oh and Hal is here too. Walking away very slowly hoping no one remembers the awkward attraction he used to have towards Supergirl. Sorry Hal, we all remember. We'll always remember.


Jonah Hex also decides to give himself a new do. Likely won't last but still odd to see.

Stormwatch #28

How many freaking Lobos are running around DC? Or does he change forms between series?

Teen Titans #28

I'm tired of different TT being evil.


  1. Ha! Brass knuckles on a nude guy doing yoga should be bad form, unless said yoga is a pretentious douche;) Otherwise, the correct answer is always Batman.

    This is definitely not my DC, for sure, Supergirl what the hell happened to you? She used to be classy and a decent role model for young girls...and Cat-Bird...You definitely made a good point on how she sees(maybe sees) that relationship, thus kinda trying to prove Dr.Wertham right. Sigh.

  2. Can't say it would help the yoga students relax if the teacher ran around with them. But knowing Bruce it might be how he learned it. Or how he tried to teach the Robins.

    Who knows how the storyline will go. I have seen worse written Supergirl stories than her getting mad enough to turn into a Red Lantern. If nothing else it gets us one step closer to a Superpet fighting Dexstarr.Catbird is the just a weird idea to begin with, I can't see what the writer(s?) was thinking.

  3. Egad, but all sorts of weird weird things are going on. Way to suck all of what is left of the joy out of my comics, DC!

    I actually feel a little sorry for poor Nightwing. Sheesh.

    Kara isn't my favorite character, but still...this seems a bit extreme. And I'm sick and tired of extreme. I kinda like the long hair on Guy though. Haven't seen that since he was stuck in space for a few months back when he was Warrior. And Hal backing up stealthily just cracked me up.

  4. I'm still hopeful for things to pick up around Batman Eternal or Boosters' return.

    Yeah it's unclear if there's a plan for him or people just like beating him up.

    It could be cool if it's handled right. Like Guy becomes her mentor or this opens up more Super related stories. Makes sense since their aliens that they'd come in contact with the Lanterns instead of just knowing the ones on Earth.

    Let's be honest Hal knows which battles to fight and which to flee. His history with women makes him usually pick the latter with them. ;P