Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Would Thanksgiving be weird for Booster?

I was trying to think of some stories that touched on the holiday when I remembered something I read in the first Booster Gold series. Back in issue 18 Broderick narratives a good portion giving his point of view on the past and providing a look into the future. He reveals a interesting fact about his time I don't think any other writer touched on.

Broderick: "Everything seems...feels so archaic. So very ridiculous. People in this era actually consume meat."

This is confirmed pages later in a flashback with a vendor selling soy dogs at the stadium. That's right, Booster and Michelle didn't eat meat in their time. Were they sick when they tried it? Did Booster have to force himself to adapt to it for sponsors? I know Thanksgiving is about more than the turkey but would people still celebrate it? If so imagine how lonely he would be around the season.While I could see Trixie trying to ensure he had a good holiday and maybe inviting him to eat with her family he seemed to be keeping her at arms length. So JLI would be his first experience with it, at least in the past. I'm not sure if there was ever a comic based around it but you can just see how that would go.

J'onn trying to keep everything organized and make sure everyone helped out. Tora would already be doing her part before anyone asked and drag a less than thrilled Bea along. Somehow there would be chaos that would start because of Ted, Guy, some disagreement or potentially a villain attacking. Although the last one seems like the least likely. Max would be pleasantly buzzed just to deal with the arguing while J'onn cast him a disapproving but understanding look. Guy would have the worst table manners burping loudly. Then if Booster didn't adapt to meat he'd be rushing to the bathroom making everyone stop eating and demand to know who cooked the turkey.


  1. That actually sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving story for the old beloved JLI. Dang I miss the old JLI! Tora probably wouldn't know about Thanksgiving, nor Bea for that matter, although J'onn had been around long enough for it to no longer be a novelty. Ted would probably enjoy it the most. Batman wouldn't even show up.

    They sometimes remembered that things were very very different for Booster, but not really often enough.

  2. It really depends on the writer and if the story requires it. Sometimes it made the others look forgetful and I don't think any of them got how hard Booster tries to fit in.