Monday, November 11, 2013

NEW Teen Titans Action Figures

This was the reveal for the "Spoiler Alert" action figure(s). Mixed feelings about the outcome.

These are supposed to be based on Brett Booths' art right? The only one that really looks like his art is Bart purely because of the facial expression. Something about his body doesn't look right to me. Maybe his triangular torso, tiny hands and large neck. Superboys' costume doesn't pop too much and his face isn't winning me over. Cassie is the best but her lasso looks messed up around her waist and she does kinda look like a Emma Frost clone thanks to the paint apps on her face.

The figures aren't as bendy as the Forever Evil and Capullo lines. Plus it's missing Tim who might show up in something else. I hope Tim and Jason turn out good. As for these I think their okay but I don't feel compelled to get them based on what I see. If Kon had a better head I might get him.

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