Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blood Moon/Crisis/Booster Gold story

Whatever it's called that's supposed to have Booster, take place after Futures End/Worlds End and be on the anniversary of the crisis. The hot topic for that seems to be whether or not DC will undo the new 52. I don't think so although I can see where others get that impression. The covers with characters from the old universe and all. There are two options I see here:

  1. The old universe is now another world. This doesn't make any sense when you think about it as Barry Allen and Booster Gold both came from that world and we saw them change when that world was turned into DCnU. It might be similar though.
  2. I believe that this is the perfect chance for DC to fix some of their mistakes in new 52 but I don't think their undo everything. Just reset problem areas and include some of the history that was previously there. 
I think the main trouble many are having is that the new 52 doesn't have it's sense of history, the legacies, or the closeness with the characters. That can be fixed. Increase the amount of time it took for the JLA to form. Make the TT go further back. Have the Robins spent more than months/a year being sidekicks. Show that legacy matters, that these people care about each other. That makes the stories matter and have more meaning.


  1. I have to admit that I'm getting pretty fed up with the NEW 52 universe. But DC seems to have invested a lot in it, so I'm not hopeful.

    But if they started publishing books about the REAL DC as an alternate Earth, I would snap those right up.

  2. There are things I prefer in the 52 but I think they can mesh some of the good with the old. Hopefully we'll get more than a glance at the old universe and whatever they do with it will be fun.