Thursday, October 16, 2014

DC Collectibles: Red Robin

I believe this is my last new 52 figure of the year. I haven't gotten this many figures in a long time.

Comic Accurate Likeness: I don't believe the other three figures from the Teen Titans line were directly based on Brett Booths' but this one is. I noticed it as soon as I saw the figure and this is stated in print above the sculptors' name. The look is there and the costume is near perfect...only Tim has his icon on both shoulders but this only has it on one. RATING: 9.5

Sculpt: Robert Lynders is credited to this piece. I'm impressed with the overall look which captures Booths' strong points as an artist. I've never been fond of his faces but on this figure it comes out great. The wings aren't articulated but rather a cape like design that can be snapped into place. Normally I would rank this lower for removing movement potential from something that's so vital in the comic. But after the unnecessary and unremovable blade wings from Red Hood? I'm fine with this being one less thing to bother with. The missing sculpt on the shoulder will bug me but not nearly as much as the overblown height. I'm not sure what it is with the teen figures (besides Jason) but they are far too big. Tim is larger than Capullo Batman! I'm going to take down the otherwise perfect score for this especially the scale. RATING: 7.5

Paint Job: The minor problem of the paint going over the edges of straps otherwise nothing too big. RATING: 9.5

Articulation: It's the usual standard for the new 52 line. Nothing like the Capullo designer line that has double knee joints and ab crunches (at least for Batman/Talon/Nightwing.) Most of Tim's joints are easy to move except for the knees and elbows.  RATING: 7

Accessories: Unless you count the wing cape (which I don't) there aren't any. I was going to have this unrated since like Starfire a large section of the package is devoted to holding the figure. Only Tim should have been smaller in the first place and the Bo staff the character usually has wouldn't have taken up that much room. RATING: 0

Comparison to other figures: As previously stated this figure is huge. The head and height are too big for most of the DCC line much less the Mattel line. If not for this very noticeable and often distracting scale this would be a pretty decent figure. I'm always impressed by the look which seems like it jumped off the page. RATING: 7

Overall: If you don't care about the scale and/or just love Tim Drake this is the figure for you. Tim doesn't fit perfectly with the bat family but then again Capullo Nightwing is too big and Red Hood is too lean/short when their all together. The ideal collection that work well with each other doesn't exist for me yet. Outside my issues with the scale and not have enough articulation I think this is a pretty good figure,

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