Monday, October 27, 2014

Books I'm getting

Batman and Robin #35: You know I'm not a fan of this series because of how Tomasi handles the book. So why am I getting this? Well for a birthday present I got to choose two current comics as gifts. Honestly I couldn't think of any new books I wanted. I only chose this for three reasons: 1.) It has Jason Todd. 2.) I like the art. 3.) I want to see if Tim's still tall.

Supergirl #35: This was my first choice for my gift. I originally wanted to get it because of the Jason appearance but declined because of not liking the writers' work on another book. I hope it's a good read as I wasn't happy with the interview.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #36: Just when I think I have Lobdell figured he surprises me. I think if this was nearly any other writer this series would be getting a lot of attention. While the subject matter isn't one I'd like to explore I'm impressed with what I've seen so far.

Gotham Academy #2: I enjoyed the first issue and I'm curious to see where the plotlines go.

New Warriors #12: The last issue of Yosts' version of the team. It makes me sad to see another of my books ending. This was a good series but because it's not mainstream enough it's cancelled. I hope at the very least the team stays together and shows up as the New Warriors in other books.

Scarlet Spiders: I'm still unsure about this three part mini series. On the one hand there's Ben Reilly and Kaine. On the other it's Spiderverse. Still I'm pretty sure it's a different writer...

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