Friday, October 17, 2014

Red Hood and the Outlaws #35

We've gotten a flashback issue with Kori after she won her freedom and back in #34 we saw her directly facing one of the men that tormented her as a slave. Let's see where this arc takes us as it deals with drugs and horrors of the past.

I didn't read the preview so I can honestly say I didn't see the twist coming. Before last months' Futures End tie in we last left off at the boys telling her not to kill the former slaver, her apparently falling into a depression by taking drugs and the slaver committing suicide in front of the guys. This issue doesn't start there but rather skips ahead a little to show Jason holding a burned hand. The name on the bracelet reading "Roy Harper." I'm instantly reminded of #18 where Jason was in a coma and Bruce looked after him. Sure enough Jason mentions being in a similar situation because of Joker. Cuts to the future don't always work out for the best but I'm already interested in how Roy got like this. I'm also pleased that Lobdell ties this story into his last arc prior to Tynions' run. Jason realized he wasn't as open as he should be and that he truly loved his friends. That if he didn't make more of an effort he'd lose then due to his anger/pain. Now Kori is gone and he fears Roy will die.

Over time Jason's been more honest in his affection towards them although he still struggles with admitting it out loud which isn't surprising given his past. He does admit these feeling to himself knowing how much they helped him fight the darkness and how much they mean to him. Lobdell had a moment between the trio early on in the arc that comes to mind--when they comfort Jason to assure him that their all their for each other. To see it all fall apart obvious hurts him deeply. Roy's whole body is covered in burns and has no hair. This is a shock since none of this was alluded to in the solicits including one cover that has him looking the same. I really expected him to be trying to rein the others in.

Four days earlier Roy and Jason are trying to figure out what to do after the slaver kills himself. Roy wonders why the guy ended his life after they saved him from Kori. Jason figures the memories were too much for him after Kori showed up. He brings up the fact the slaver had a family which means they shouldn't find his body blown up on their lawn. I'm not sure if it's corny or cool that Roy has a special arrow that can target something based on its DNA. It is cheating for an archer though. I'm also not sure if I like having Roy referred to as Batman brilliant since Jason's the bat kid. Still it's nice to see he's no longer thought of as a complete goofball. 

On their way back to the island Roy suggests they lie about how the slaver died. Tell Kori that Lobo or someone killed him. Jason says she's an adult that can handle the truth. Not agreeing with him Roy thinks she won't be happy to know he committed suicide after years of wanting to kill him. They find her lying on the beach in the water. Before they can find a place to take her she snaps out of it to fly up asking how it went then says she's tired. Miffed the boys wonder why she's taking it so well. Back in the present at Roy's hospital room they get a intruder. Jason raises his guns but stops when he sees it's Ollie who makes threats then asks to be left alone with Roy. Jason rather hit him for abandoning Roy but since Roy might die he gives him the chance to say goodbye. 

Back in the past Roy looks after Kori to make sure she's really doing okay. He notices a difference in her as she shivers now and wants soup. Kori brushes it off saying that he's so sweet to take care of her when no one else used to care. Roy starts to say she didn't answer his questions only to be interrupted as she says she loves him. After a beat he echoes the sentiment. Meanwhile Jason tries to figure out who was behind the terrorist attack at the start of the arc. Man-Bat appears and Jason wastes no time telling him that SHADE isn't getting Kori. He says they have proof that gets her off the hook although he won't elaborate. Getting an alert he decides to deal with it personally. 

The team go to New Orleans to deal with the terrorists that are hiding there. Kori finds the whole thing boring and takes off to deal with it herself. They guys race to her admitting they both notice how different she's acting. Jason figures they were set up and tells Roy to go after Kori. Fighting the terrorists alone Jason notices their all taking Venom.(Not called that in the title but a solicit.) Realizing he's basically screwed since he's alone in a room with hundreds of Venom using terrorists he takes a pack knowing he'll die if he doesn't. Having died before it's not something he wants to go through again. 

Roy catches up to find Kori injecting herself. Realizing her mistake Kori tells Roy to stay away and burns him as she flies away.

Overall: Pretty good issue although not as good as #34. I figured Kori would burn Roy due to the drug use I just didn't know when. She must not have realized it as she screams as she's leaving. With Roy out and Kori still not herself it looks like Jason will have to save them while trying to fight off his new addiction. I was hoping that Jason would be forced to take them rather than do so himself but at least his reason makes sense and was done out of desperation. I'm looking forward to seeing how this works out as it's been a surprising ride so far.

Did You Notice?: This was alluded to in the FE tie in but it's the first time in present canon he's said (if only to himself) that his "acting out" had/has to do with the rage he feels from being killed and brought back. 

Again what is it with artists now showing Jason's eyes through the helmet? It doesn't look good.

Roy's arm tattoos were forgotten for a panel.

For some reason Starfire is wearing a bathing suit like uniform?

Kori is wearing a different dress than the one she worn at the end of #34. This is purple while that was white.

Questions Raised?: Did the slavers' family witness any of it?

How far does their equipment work if the Roybots target things not on the island?

Say What?: Jason refers to Ollie as Roy's drinking buddy implying he may be the reason he got addicted, not just for abandoning him.

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