Thursday, October 9, 2014

Female Characters Don't Sell Action Figures?

This was an idea that's been around for awhile. That female character don't sell hence toy companies don't go out of their way to make them into toys. More female characters get made nowadays but not on scale that male characters do. Usually one in a wave (if at all) or in gift packs especially at retail.

Let's look that DC Collectibles. Their Scribblenauts figures have four female characters so far. Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, a golden variant of Wonder Woman and Catwoman. In over forty figures there's only four women. This is DCCs' new 52 line of figures that have been released and will be later on.

  1. Wonder Woman (Later repacked with a new head sculpt with their Trinity pack and Katana.)
  2. Katana (Only available in a 2-pack with repackaged Wonder Woman.)
  3. Pandora
  4. Catwoman (Only available in a 7-pack with heroes and villains.)
  5. Harley Quinn (Almost put in Suicide Squad 3-pack until fans demanded to separate them.)
  6. Superwoman
  7. Wonder Girl
  8. Wonder Woman (Earth 2)
  9. Power Girl and Huntress 2-pack
  10. Starfire
  11. Hawkgirl
  12. Batgirl
  13. Supergirl
  14. Zatanna
  15. Stargirl
  16. Capullo line Catwoman 
  17. Poison Ivy
Eighteen if you count the unmovable mini Atomica figure that comes with Johnny Quick. While it's nice to have a more selection than the Mattel waves you'd normally get it's still a noticeable gap between the female and male characters. Zatanna is the only one from JLD (which has a good number), Birds of Prey only has two members listed, and to my dismay Batwoman isn't even on here. I'm hoping that NYCC or Toyfare shows new figures. Not just of the same characters getting figures (WW, Batgirl and Catwoman) but ones that aren't listed here.


  1.'s better than it used to be. Faint praise, but that's all I have.

  2. True although in some cases it depends on the company.