Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The morals of Spider-Girl May "Mayday" Parker

I feel the need to post this because it's come to my attention that a certain event has stripped her of her characterization recenty.

SPOILERS AHEAD for Amazing Spider-Man

May is the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson that took up the Spider-Girl mantle to carry on her fathers' legacy. Much like the Peter of old she kept to his morals of responsibilities and often deals with guilt when things go wrong. While she quips she takes the whole thing seriously and has rehilbitiated many of her rogues. Some of them are killers like her uncle Kaine. She herself is against killing and often thrown herself into a fight to prevent it. Not just against her rogues but also her friends. While May is caught in an emotional roller coaster I call B.S. on her jumping to tossing her dads' morals away. Would she feel the need? Likely due to anger she might feel conflicted later but at this point wouldn't she feel more shock than anything else? For a much better reaction to her parents deaths read her first annual.

This isn't surprising--at all--but it saddens me to think of all the storyline that were thrown away in the name of cheap drama. One of which has to do with the longest running plotline of the Spider-Girl book that now can't have full closure with Peter dead.

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