Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DC Animated Movie Subtracts the Robins

Because apparently only Dick and Damian matter. Well that killed the last bit of interest I had in getting these movies.

Jason: Only got one movie, a mention as being dead in Young Justice and the Dark Knight Returns.

Tim: A fusion of Jason and his character in the animated series then in Young Justice.

Seriously I thought DC implied they were celebrating all of them for the 75th anniversay.


  1. Stephanie: Oh wait, she has a vagina so she must not count.

  2. If you mean why I didn't put her in this list as a Robin? It's because she's not a Robin in new 52 which I was under the impression the current movies followed. I prefer her as Spoiler as I saw her short role as Robin as a very hateful jab at the character since she was only put in it to be killed. As for Steph I think she only appeared in Young Justice. I never saw the show but I heard she was.

    Carrie Kelley does have two movies BTW and another in a story in Batman the Animted Series. She was the first girl Robin after all so she definately counts. If DC does have a beef with Steph its not over being female. At least she's appearing, what about Cassandra Cain?

  3. Tim really has been getting the short end of the stick.

  4. Techically he was the Robin in the Animated series just with Jasons' backstory and sometimes humor. Instead of having either Jason or him in these new movies Dick has some of Tims' friction with Damian and the suit in the case is Dicks'.