Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Conclusion of Batwoman/Noturna

This is just about the scans I saw for #40.


Turns out it was consensual-ish, I didn't follow the arc so this is just my understanding of how it was explained. That said it could have been done better.. Noturna did hypnotize Kate although that's not the same as mind control since no one can make you do anything you don't want to do. Kate wanted to have sex with her so they did. No idea if the vampire thing is part was real but Kate wasn't turned into one. Noturna didn't even like Kate but figured why not. She actually thinks Kate is a loser which means she just used her for kicks.

Did we really need to do this to Kate and reduce Noturna as a character? It's been mentioned that she married a lot of guys and her step-daugther turned up dead. No idea if she did the deed but now I can't even hope for a reunion with her and Jason.

THIS is what we got instead of the marriage with Maggie?

EDIT: I forgot that Kate saw Noturna as Maggie, so yeah this explanation is bs.

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