Friday, March 27, 2015

Princess Leia #2


I like a lot of things about this issue including Leia going to Naboo and getting a brief vision of her birth mother, Padme. I do wonder if this series will have her acknowledge the fact she was adopted. Leia certainly wasn't surprised in ROTJ when Luke asked her if she remembered her real mother. It certainly would play into her need to take care of what remains of her subjects. Last issue I commented on how out of character it seemed for Leia to be hugging Evaan and asking if they could be friends. I still think it was but Leias' fib about liking her meal felt more in character given the reason for it. (Although Leia did say they had to be honest with each other...)

I always liked Bail and liked stories of him raising his spunky daughter. This shows that while he was a loving parent he also knew he had to prepare her for bigger things. Since he was in on the plan Obi-Wan and Yoda had I wonder what he assumed would happen. Did he think Leia would remain hidden while Luke faced Vader? Was he not just trying to prepare her for her duties as his heir but also as Padmes' daughter? Since she couldn't stop the Empire from blowing up her planet she naturally feels guilty for failing him.

There are elements of redemption, betrayal and Leia kicking ass that are great although some seem to be shrugged off too soon. If this all comes back in future issues I won't mind as much.

Once again Leia feels out of character as she doesn't even suspect the obvious snitch will inform the Empire on her and her "plan" is making things up as she goes with little preparation (like funds) beforehand. This the same woman that sensed something was off about Lando before he was forced to betray them and he was FAR more charming than this guy. Going with the flow is ironically more suited towards Anakin when he was a Jedi. Sure Leia can join in on the spur of the moment but she had time to get ready last issue. If she could arrange the hologram ruse she could at least get money. Evaan is the one being sensible to try to build her up more as someone Leia needs while brushing aside Leias' own characterzation. Is her grief hitting her too hard? That's hard to see at this point I can only hope this becomes clearer.

Did You Notice?: Leias' outfit is pretty close to Padmes' from the end of AOTC.

Say What?: Leias' cover is that she's first minister Solo. I wonder why Hans' name was the first that came to mind. ;)

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