Thursday, March 12, 2015

DC Solicts in June

A lot of books are jumping up into the $3.99 range but happily none of my books are. After two months of paying $3.99 to $4.99 prices it'd be nice to go back to $2.99.
  • Superman, Woman Woman and Batman all have new looks. I don't think Superman is that big of a deal, WW feels odd but I don't hate it. Meanwhile Batman is now bunny man who I suspect is Gordon.
  • John Stewart is in Lost Army, Kyle Rayner has apparently been murdered by the Omega Men, Hal is in his own book being a rebel so where's Guy?
  • Batmite isn't an ongoing but a 6-part mini series.
  • The hero in the definitive future of DC that Jurgens is writing about is Batman Beyond. As in this universes' Terry not the cartoon version, and it seemed our futures all failed which means Terry has to do clean up. 
  • Damian Wayne shows up in Gotham Academy. I thought he had to be at least 14 for that school but whatever. As long as he's not as annoying as he was in Batman and Robin. Speaking of Damian's book is one of the $3.99 titles so there goes my mild interest.
  • From what I can see I hate the new costumes for Red Hood and Arsenal. Granted I can't see much and don't like how their drawn. Maybe I'll like them better with a different artist but the looks from RHATO were perfect, they didn't need to be changed. They were simply because this is a relaunch and everyone else was doing it. I hope the title isn't as grim and gritty as it sounds. I loved how fun RHATO could be.
  • I'm hoping Starfire isn't what it sounds like based on the interviews. I don't want it looking down on the time with the Outlaws, ignoring it and/or making this like this creative teams' take on Power Girl. If the first issue has repetitive boob jokes I'm dropping it.
  • Renee is back !
  • I think I would prefer if Duke was Robin instead of Damian returning. I'll look into reviews to see if it sounds like my thing. If Starfire turns out how I dread I might give this a try.


  1. Wonder Woman's outfit makes me cringe, but Scipio described the Bat armor as looking like the Tick, which just made me laugh and laugh. Guy?

  2. Wonder Womans' outfit doesn't work, my mind keeps wanting to get rid of the extra pieces. Oh yeah, I can see the Tick.

    Not that I can find in the solicits although I didn't look at a few like Section 8.