Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Worst Thing for Comics?

I've been reading a lot of comments lately about people feeling jaded with comics in general. Mad at Marvel for some of the less mature creators trolling fans. Event fatigue. Not wanting to go back to pre-relaunch stories while others want an end to the new 52. I understand all of these feelings. I gave some thought to what the worst thing for me was. I think it's lack of change.

Not to say I support continuing rebooting or getting rid of relationships. In a way that's lack of change too because it goes back to square one. The status quo can be boring. Why should I invest in a couple if I know their going to break up to move onto the next thing? Couples can change and have drama. How can I accept a villain has become a good guy if it will be undone because of their iconic status as the bad guy? Does anyone think the bat kids are ever going to have children of their own in the main canon?

That was one of the reasons I adored Booster Golds' series. He could get a happy ending, in fact it was vital to ensure all of creation continued. Getting from point A to Z was where the story was with plenty to explore. I guess we might get a little of this with Jurgens Batman Beyond but I'm expecting it to be sadder. Still think of all the wonderful surprises we got in the last universe. We had legacy heroes, Roy becoming a dad (*1), Booster Gold stepping up, I want those possibilties.

*1 I'm less eager for Roy to get together with Cheshire now. She wanted to use him as her test rat for poisons, cut off his arms and was just too disturbing.

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