Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Starfire Team talks

Interview found here. Some thoughts with quotes below.

Amanda Conner: With Starfire, we’re moving her out of her regular life, which is always hanging out with other people like herself, superheroes, people with powers, people who can fly, bad guys and good guys, and we’re actually putting her in an environment where she’s hanging out with people like us, but dealing with a 6-foot tall stunning orange alien. We’ll be taking her to Key West, Florida, where she’ll stand out a little less than she would in New York, being tall, beautiful and orange - we can say she and her outfit will stand out less and we can just say she took too many tanning pills!

Nrama: Why Key West specifically?

Conner: Because she would blend in better.

I hope they give a good reason for her leaving her friends in the book it's self. This seems to take the pre-Flashpoint idea that Kori wasn't really seen as an alien when she wasn't fighting. Remember her modeling days? On the one hand I get this idea of her blending in has happened before and on the other it seems kind of ridiculous. Conner may have changed the eyes on the cover but their usually more alien. The reason she avoided people before was their negative reactions because they could figure out she wasn't from around here. I mean I'll still give this a try but it's weird.

Palmiotti: We didn’t want to do a big city because than it becomes another superhero book in a way. Everyone’s in the big city, like if its Gotham than you have all of the Batman characters, and so and so forth, and if we put her in Brooklyn than it would be Harley’s territory, so we thought, well, her costume is pretty revealing still, and the idea that living in Key West might be a perfect place for her to be. She wants to be away from other superheroes. She’s an alien so she wants to get to know regular earthlings, and so we thought, Okay... don’t take her to an island.

Conner: And she doesn’t want to live in an island so much because she likes to hang out with people, she likes to have a social life.

Palmiotti: So Key West, if you’ve ever been there, is kind of made for her.

Is the talk about an island a dig at RHATO or didn't they read it? The shift in her character seems to imply the latter. The island was where her ship crashed, had all her stuff, it was a base to live since they were all outlaws and get away from prying eyes. If I remember the location of the island it's not that fall from Florida anyway. Again why does she want to be away from her friends? Other heroes fine, she has avoided a few but she loves the guys. They were supposed to be her connection to Earth.

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