Friday, March 27, 2015

So the next 2 months...

I'm finding it a little hard to be excited about it. Right now I'm more interested in getting the books in June and the solicits for July. I keep thinking the main event book will be like Forever Evil and hardly have any appearances from the Time Masters. This also makes me wonder about September, if there will be a celebration month like there previously was even though it's not called the new 52 anymore. If that happens it will kill the momentum for ongoing titles and the new series.

Oh yeah, I also looked at some prices for the upcoming books and some of those solicits were off on a few of the prices. For example We are Robin isn't $3.99 it's $2.99. Here's hoping the event is fun.


  1. Man, they just keep jacking the prices up and up and up don't they? I love my comics, I really do...but the amount that I am paying for what I am actually getting is practically obscene.

  2. It really is. At least digital comics go down after a couple months, at least DC does. The big name books seem to be the main ones with the price jack so I'm glad my love of the underdog is paying off.