Sunday, March 15, 2015

Princess Leia #1

One of my all time favorite female heroes in her own mini series.


There's something that bothered me when I read this that took me awhile to identify but first the positives. I like that this is dealing with Leia as she tries to come to terms with the loss of not just her adopted parents but also her planet. In canon (A New Hope) she pretty much says she can't deal with grief at the moment which makes sense given the timing. Leia takes action and works with a female X-Wing pilot from her planet. It turns out Leia is headed to Padmes' home world even if she doesn't know who her birth mother is at this point. Luke's worry about Leia works for his character and their connection. It even points out how she was there for him when Obi-Wan died and how she should have someone there for her.

Then there's a few things that don't sit right with me.

One is how everyone else treats Leias' grieving process. Yes some people assume things because those in power don't wear their emotions on their sleeve. Yet no one else seems to take into account that it is a private pain or what Leia went through. Torture, the guilt of the Empire using her planet to make a point about their power and the fact she's been going non-stop since then. Evaan should at least understand some since she worked with the queen yet she doesn't. The next problem I had with this was the fact Leia has no plan once she decides to leave. She asks Evaan to be completely honest and she does so by pointing out an obvious flaw: that their endangering the rebels that will come after her. What does Leia say?

"That's quite enough for now."

This is the same Leia that knew the Empire was letting them escape so they could track the Falcon. She should know the rebels, especially a man that knew her parents, would send others to stop her. Instead she just tells Evaan that's enough honestly for now. Evaan proves herself by solving this with R2D2 without the leads' input. Yet Leia still gets the credit from a clueless Luke. I also don't buy Leia being impressed with a near stranger to the point she'd ask if they can be friends. That doesn't feel very Leia. Since this is a mini series I'm in for the long haul, this just isn't as strong as Darth Vader and Star Wars were. The character is lacking her spark.

Question Raised?: I'm tired at the moment so maybe I forgot this but I don't think the hologram thing with R2 makes sense. I don't recall holograms being perfected to the point it fools someone.

I guess this is confirmed here still, her adopted mother was alive until the planet exploded?

I'm glad the fact they have to leave Yavin was addressed but why was General Dodonna lingering?

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