Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Starfires' New 52 History

I've seen some speculation on whether or not the new Starfire series will keep to the current canon. That being the case it seemed like a good time to sum up what was revealed so far.

Much like the pre-Flashpoint canon Princess Koriand'r is taken into slavery at a young age. This version has her parents killed during an invasion while they were in the middle of a council session. This makes her older sister (*1) the queen at a young age and unfortunately puts the planets' fate in her hands. In this take the sisters were very close prior (*2) to the Citadel taking ove making the decision a heartbreaking choice. Komand'r had to put her people first which meant she had to give in to the invaders demands. To break her they decided to take Kori into slavery where Helspont ordered for her to be experimented on because of her great genetic potential. This granted her powers at a young age (*3) but she would not win her freedom for some time as she was imprisoned for ten years. To keep her under control she was given a drug to pacify her called Amber Reign.

Kori met fellow slaves Orn (an albino Citadel who rebelled
against his people) and Depalo (a Dominator) (*4) who touched her with their loyalty to each other. Soon she became friends with them, with their help she trained in secret  eventually overcoming her addiction. Embracing her powers and the freedom they granted Kori was finally prepared to fight back. Kori lead her fellow slaves and overtook the slave ship the S.S. Starfire to claim as their own. For a time Kori acted as captain of the Starfire with her friends acting as her crew. Although she had wanted to kill Komand'r for trading her for peace the desire died when her sister tearfully welcomed her home and proclaimed them heroes. The siblings tried to heal their relationship to no avail and Kori realized that she couldn't even find peace aboard her ship anymore leaving her first mate Depalo in command. Apparently the craft she took on her flight to Earth crashed on an island she would claim as her new home. At some point she met Dick Grayson (having a relationship with him) and worked with him and Roy Harper fighting crime.

For reasons that still remain unclear Dick and her broke up. A subject that Kori avoids speaking about and claims not to know him although it's been hinted at her simply not wanting to deal with what happened. (*5) It seems that she retreated to the site of her crashed ship for a self imposed exile afterward. Kori had little desire to mingle with others (not surprising given the anti-alien environment DC currently has) until she recused Jason Todd. The two get along on a platonic level (*6) becoming quick friends. They get each other to open up more, Jason finally getting her off her the island and Kori offering the non judgmental friendly ear that he desperately needed. She starts off not wanting more than a causal fling with Roy but does find him endearing to the point she doesn't mind dating him. This turned into a pretty easy going relationship (ignoring the Tynion run) with a surprisingly strong bond. When her planet needed her the crew of the Starfire came to take her to the battle. Kori agreed to go but was reluctant to aid them after Tamaran abandoned her to slavery. This was something Kori only revealed to Roy and Jason.

After saving Komand'r the sisters mended their relationship and went to war against their enemies together. In the battle Kori ended up turning the tide to save her people. Komand'r offered to share the throne but Kori declined as she finally felt she belonged on Earth. During the last arc in RHATO Kori comes upon the remains of alien slaves that were seeking her help. This leads her to find the slave master that had tormented her that escaped to Earth during her battle on the S. S. Starfire. Her friends stopped Kori from murdering him in cold blood (he did the deed himself after she left) which led to her deciding to find those responsible herself by going under cover. To achieve believability Kori used Amber Reign in the underground alien inhabited sections on Earth. Unfortunately she not only underestimated the effects of the drug but didn't tell her friends. Roy was horribly burnt as a result (Jason found a was to heal him) and Komand'r helped her sibling rid herself from the drug again. Jason and Roy did figure out what she was doing as it wasn't in character for Kori. They joined her in facing the source of the problem which happened to be Helspont and his forces.

Other things to note:
  • Kori considers Jason her best friend and loves Roy (he loves her too.)
  • She tended to stay away from most humans outside of missions partly due to the negative reaction aliens get and partly wanting isolation. (Tynion had her using a image inducer once.) This has only come up a couple times as she had no problem hanging out on a beach with humans or staying in a hotel although she was with her friends in both situations.
  • Tamaraneans don't like Kryptons for some undefined reason. It does have a little to do with perceived arrogance which Kori sees Superman having. She doesn't like him though she admitted he wasn't quite as bad as she was expecting.

*1 According to Superman many are aware of her history and the fact Komand'r was only 14 when she became queen.

*2 Their younger brother Ryand'r has yet to make an appearance or get a mention.

*3 This was first shown in RHATO #3 as her most cherished memory although it's revealed that it was her first time using her power in Secret Origins #2.

*4 K'itten, a fellow Tamaranean is also part of the crew although she wasn't shown as much as Orn and Depalo. She is currently in command.

*5 Kori claimed not to know Dick when Roy asked and Jason echoed her statement although (under Lobdell at least) she has been shown remembering him. Roy seemed to suspect something and Jason definately did when she refused to enter Wayne Manor. Tynion retconned this or at least tried to by suggesting Kori might have physically hurt Dick by mistake then lied to Roy about her memories so he would never leave her. Then it was promptly dropped.

*6 This was somewhat subtley addressed at least twice. In RHATO #17 when Kori says Jason is the only person she's known only as a friend and in RHATO #32 where Jason internally states they could have had a relationship but they both "friendzoned" each other.

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