Monday, June 19, 2017

DC Solicits for September 2017

There seems to be a lot of big SPOILERS in this one for future storylines.

  • DC's Greatest Hit Box Set: I would have gotten this if it wasn't a comic version of a clip show. I really enjoyed the Wonder Woman box set and it would have been nice to have something like that.
  • Teen Titans: Really? Not only is this not going to be about the TT is also has Damian leading Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Black Canary and Green Arrow? When he's a horrible leader and the youngest there? Hard pass.
  • Batgirl: I can't help sighing or groaning when I see stuff like this. Has there been any plots in this series that doesn't have to do with who Barbara is dating? And with Dick? I made my distaste of this pairing known before but I'm getting to the point I wish DC would move on too.
  • Nightwing New Order: Is that kid on the cover supposed to be Dick's son with Kori? I don't like this pairing either because how it's been treated over the years but it's still better than Dick and Babs.
  • Injustice: How this fake Batman plot and the Damian sister thing pans out will decide if it get this series or not. I don't want a certain character to be involved with either.
  • Green Arrow: Dinah's pointless boob and butt pose makes no sense.
  • Titans: I hope the solicits didn't just give away the traitor plot. If it did that's amazing, if I was the writer I'd be pissed. If Damian (hopefully) gets booted from being the leader it looks like Dick will be kicked out too.
  • Trinity: The poor Outlaws had to deal with so much crap this year. Artemis finds her ex only to lose her to the same madness again. Bizarro has to deal with health problems. Jason returns to the spot he died and has PTSD so bad he didn't realize he was being tortured. And his soul might be leaving his body. Now all them are being possessed. I like the detail on the cover with everyone looking on, we can't see Bruce's face but we know he's concerned based on him gripping Jason's arm. 
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws: Another plot thread I wish was kept out of the solicits. Assuming this doesn't turn out like Flowers for Algernon this could be a lasting change that might not work out if other writers don't research it. Kate going after Jason? Did Bruce not tell her what's up? I hope Jason can at least put up a fight as he's much better than he's been written or seen. King.
  • Justice League: Should I read this if they gave away most of the plot?

I'd have to wait to see how WW will be written since it could go either way. I'm still waiting for the return of Booster Gold.


  1. I am sure getting sick of Damien, I used to kinda like the little brat, but he sire is getting too big for his britches. God, Bats is a terrible father.

    And yes, I too am anxiously awaiting the return of Booster.

  2. True but It's not just Bruce. Dick has been written as the only one able to rein him in. Yet Dick does nothing, not even chastise Damian when he screws up time/messes with Wally 's heart. He only half heartedly tells Damian that leaving behind his teammate was a bad choice long after it would have made a difference. He always lets Damian get away with everything.

    I need something better than the Flintstones one shot.