Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Finally saw Lego Batman

It wasn't exactly what I expected.


I think I was bound to be disappointed with all the over-hyping of "it's the greatest Batman movie ever!" I loved the family stuff, the in jokes and the CGI was good. But there were some things that I wasn't as fond of.

  • Bruce having an attraction to Barbara. What was that? Thankfully she didn't return his feelings but why was that even there? We never get a hint of Selina/Bruce but we get this? It could have literally been taken out of the movie and not change a thing. Was it to explain how she was part of the family even if she's not with him? Dick is younger than her so we can't really expect a romance. Does she end up living in the manor?
  • Why did Dick look like Carrie Kelly?
  • What happened with the Phantom Zone? Did Superman ever get it back?
  • Did Scott Snyder write part of this? I ask because of the Joker/Batman sections.
  • I get the joke of Jim Gordon not doing anything except calling in Batman but wow.
  • The WTF musical ending just felt very surreal to me.
  • Batman literally risking Dick's life just to one up Barbara and ends up setting all the Phantom Zone villains free. I know I mentioned this earlier but Superman never yells at him for that? Does he even know it's gone?
  • I get this is all about Batman lore hence why he used the rogues but he never considers calling the Justice League in? Why because he was pissed that they never invited him to parties? BTW I love that Hal mentions getting e-mails implying Clark is still trying to avoid him (see Lego Movie) but would rather have him around than Bruce.
  • It's a small thing but I was expecting more Billy Dee Williams as Two Face.
It's hard to explain how I feel about it. I liked parts, I think the Lego Movie was far better but I'm not sure if I'd enjoy more a second time.

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