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Deathstroke #19

Where we find out what the deal was. Yeah it doesn't make the reasoning for character's actions make any more sense. Quite the opposite.

Damian also continues to prove he's the only Robin that is horrible at leading.


Slade runs with Wally on his tail and explains the deal he made with Dick back when he was Robin.

In a lot of crossovers there isn't a great sense of continuity. That applies here too. Slade tells Wally that the deal is still in place yet he hired people to tell Nightwing the deal was off. He broke the deal when he kidnapped the Wallys essentially breaking his word which he told NuWally he never does. I mean I'm assuming he planned to kill one of the Wallys if he didn't get what he wanted. Otherwise why inform Dick he was breaking the contract? There's literally no reason to do that if he's just bending the rules. So if the deal was off Dick had no reason to keep it a secret anymore. His refusal to speak until Damian forced the issue makes no sense. Previously others have raged against making deals with killers but Slade also threatened to kill Dick if he refused.

The deal it's self isn't bad as Slade agrees to not kill the Titans as long as Dick stopped Rose from turning out like him. Why would anyone be upset about this arrangement? In present day Slade himself is shocked that Dick never told anyone. Did Dick fail to keep Rose on a good path? Never addressed here. What's the point of this plot?

Slade asks what Wally can do against him and what he has besides his speed. Uh shouldn't Wally be more experienced at the whole speed thing? Roy actually brings this point up later on to underline how nonsensical this whole thing is. I was expecting this. But no, instead he pointlessly runs away. The worst Slade could do is beat him up since by his own admittance (in this issue at least) he can't kill him. He literally just told him that before he threatens him! Wally could at least call him out on that but he doesn't! I feel pissed for Wally fans just reading that!

Damian brings up how dumb NuWally was and is such a horrible leader he decides to publicly demean him. Never mind the fact Damian falsely accused Dick of being a traitor and wasted time to possibly find their friends by almost starting a fight. The deal in the greater scheme of things isn't important to this plot yet he focused on it before his teammate. It's in place to create false drama. While Dick could have let them know Slade was behind it that wouldn't have found their friends. Damian informing them that Kid Flash was missing would have. But no, he has to be petty.

Since Dick actually knows how to lead he tells Damian they need to focus on Wally. Unable to listen to reason Damian still publicly taunts NuWally. Trying to flee NuWally forgets Slade took his power and Aqualad helps him out as Damian continues to be an ass. Dick has to remind Damian--AGAIN--to focus on finding Wally not yelling at his team. Seriously, Aqualad and Starfire have to try to cheer Kid Flash up! Yet NO ONE gets mad at Damian.

Joseph is on a rooftop for some unknown reason when Wally finds him and says he was scared of dying out there. This is all in the same issue so Wally and Slade apparently forgot he claimed he can't kill Wally. Slade told him this before he explained the deal then made his threat. Admittedly Wally confesses to be scared since he was tortured but he never seemed scared until then. Slade gave him truth serum, made him run and shocked him once or twice. And I thought that was an art mistake since Slade claimed it was just a small shock. Was there a misunderstanding ? Because that torture didn't come across. It seemed like a standard superhero/Supervillain encounter. So neither reason really works.

At least Joey is as understanding as I remember him. When Wally asks about Slade we get some flashbacks of him being a horrible father. It's good to see Grant and Joey growing up together. Slade however was pretty abusive to Grant to the point Grant wanted to get away from him. One such moment happens when out of fear of his father he gets hit by a car and decides to go with them. In present day Slade visits Rose and tells Wintergreen his plans.

Dick tells Damian that they have to work together on this. Damian takes this as an apology and never offers one in return. Even though he's the one that screwed up. Slade makes it to the past and finds Grant.

I don't know how much is to blame on the writers or editorial. This crossover is a mess that doesn't have much logic. Damian has been an ass in TT but he's insufferable here. Wally was treated badly, if his torture had been presented differently maybe I could buy it. Maybe. But it wasn't and he never showed fear until that moment. Why would he need to be tortured under truth serum? Didn't Slade claim he didn't want to hurt Wally in this issue? And like I said it didn't make sense as Slade couldn't kill him. Can't Wally steal speed too? He could have stopped Slade. The deal has no relevance to the plot especially since no one seems sure if it's still a thing. If it is then the way the characters act, especially Slade, makes no sense.

NuWally made a dumb choice to listen to Slade but even if I hated his guts (I don't) I'd still be angrier at Damian for constantly making things worse. He's literally been hindering the plot, blaming everyone else and refusing to accept responsibility for his own actions. No one has called him out on this, the closest is Dick repeatedly reminding him of their objective. No one should follow Damian's lead.

I did like Joey, his flashbacks and seeing what the deal was. The rest makes me want to scream in frustration.

Questions Raised?: Why does Wintergreen keep reminding Slade that Joseph is his son? Is he such a bad father that he forgets?

Two kids? If Slade took power from both Wallys why was only NuWally affected?

Say What?: Didn't Deathstroke blame himself for Grant 's death in old canon?

Calling Barry the "real" Flash? Screw you Slade. As previously mentioned in another review I'm pretty neutral on the whole Flash thing. But even I know Wally earned the title. Plus Barry isn't even the first Flash so how is he any more "real" than Wally?

Too old? How old is Robin Dick supposed to be? Grant seems like he's college age and Joey is supposed to be Dick's age.

When Slade comments on Dick being too old for the Robin costume Dick brings up a line Batman said. The superstitious cowards bit and I have no idea what that has to do with anything. It doesn't respond to Slade's comment unless Dick thinks his costume made in bright reds, greens and yellows strikes fear in people.

Forgetting about Wally made Slade forget how Grant died.

Grant called his dad Slade as a kid?

Calling Grant "Nancy"? Slade is more of an ass than I thought and that's saying something. Joey must have loved hearing his dad be homophobic.

Joey claims to be just like Slade and tries not to become him. I don't really see it but I haven't read this series before.

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