Sunday, June 25, 2017

Short Review: Odyssey of the Amazons #5

I keep forgetting I pre-ordered this series.


The younger Amazons finally escape along with the Valkyrie Gundra, who used to be seen in WW lore. One of the Amazons died along the way.

The Jotun attack Surtr to get his sword and reveal--again--their new hybrids. The Amatuns. The Amazons and Valkyrie join the battle.

Overall: None of the characters stand out in this issue. Lore is mentioned out of no where leading us further away from the concept of the Amazons missions to save their sisters and discover more of their kind. Is the Amazon who died going to return as a Valkyrie like the previous ones did? I don't know, Gundra never informs them of this. If it's going to happen I don't know why she wouldn't mention it as we the audience have seen it happen already.

There doesn't seem to be a structure to this mini series. Stuff happens, nothing has any weight behind it. None of the characters truly shine and most aren't memorable. If they are it will probably be by their appearance like the one who has freckles or a trait like leader. I don't know how any of this fits with canon either. I'd assume this mini series was created for world building. Which would be great if I thought the story actually worked.

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