Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Reading spoilers for Dark Days The Forge

And maybe it makes more sense in the comic it's self but just reading about it confused me. Some general thoughts based on what I heard. Any clarification is welcomed.


  • Batman is messing with something that has to do with the Multiverse. Why? Wasn't that supposed to fall under half of Booster Gold's mission statement? The only reason it didn't seemed to be the fact other writers like Morrison wanted to use it.
  • "Batman rented a room in the Fortress of Solitude." What? "He threw away the key and needs Mr. Miracle to open the door." Why? Is Bruce actually paying Clark to use a room or did Clark just allow it? Why didn't Bruce make another space for what he's doing? Batman literally created a base on the dark side of the moon so why wouldn't he make another one near Clark's FOS? Doesn't the key open the entire FOS? Why would Bruce use a room and toss the key to the entire thing? It's still Clark's place. 
  • Duke has power? I have literally never heard about it until this book was being released. His mom was offered immortality by the Immortal Men? Why? Is that why he has whatever powers he has? I thought those that work with Batman (as in his inner circle) weren't supposed to have powers? I know about Gotham Girl but she doesn't seem like a right fit either. I haven't read the stories but this Immortal Men thing sounds about as bad if not worse than the "Dick Grayson has ties to the Count of Owls" thing. It feels like it's trying to hard to nail into your head that a character is or group of characters are important because of a sudden connection. This applies to Harper Row too.
  • There were four tribes at the dawn of man? Was Vandal Savage or the Untitled part of this? What about Hippolyta's previous life? Oh there was a bat tribe? Okay. 
  • Important metal was used in a lot of League stuff like Aquaman's trident and Wonder Woman's bracelets. It might be a stretch but sure I can go along with this idea.
  • Batman keeps Joker in a basement. Why?! If Batman previously put Jason in Arkham in this canon and decided to lock Joker up somewhere safer this really pisses me off.
  • The Guardians of the Universe are scared of what Bruce is doing? Great so it looks like it might be a bigger mess than Brother Eye.
  • The Outsiders existed in this canon. Cool. Always good to see things fitting back into place canon-wise and I know this will make fans happy.


  1. I...find most of this highly confusing.

  2. Same here. The only scans I've seen of this is Duke kicking Hal in the face and them discovering Joker.

  3. Actually, Hal getting a blow to the head is rather comforting for me... going back to the classics, as it were.

  4. I guess although it makes no sense. Bruce tells Duke he doesn't want anyone bugging him and he decides to kick a Green Lantern? And the fact Hal couldn't block it makes it funnier.

    It's also weird that Hal wants to retreat while Duke doesn't. Isn't Hal known for not being afraid/having no sense?