Friday, June 2, 2017

Trinity Annual #1

I thought I could get more of the plot for the Outlaws appearing in future issues and see how this series is written.


Three villains previously formed an alliance against the three heroes. Here's the basics for the evil "Trinity" from past issues as it's summed up here and online resources. Circe, Ra's Al Ghul and Lex Luthor were drawn to these Pandora Pits. Unlike the Lazarus Pits these pits were filled with evil that escaped Pandora 's box.

Anything that falls in seems to change into something more monstrous. Circe talks about the unlimited power contained within and I'm not sure what else it can do. At the moment the evil trio is a duo as Lex Luthor left their group to play hero though Circe thinks he'll return.

I was pleased to see Jason Blood as I haven't read about him since Demon Knights. He sends Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman an ancient drawing of the them being sacrificed. The drawing almost made me laugh at just the silliness of it being so graphic. I've seen ancient art and I'm drawing a blank at anything like demons ripping out intestines like it shows.

The fact they were all drawn in costume also made it unintentionally funny to me. Blood summons his worse half which turns out to be a mistake when he's dunked into a pit separating him from Blood and making Etrigan a giant.

The scene at the restaurant with the Trinity was a lot of fun. Clark worrying about the bill, Bruce saying he owned the place then later freaking Clark out by saying they had to pay for themselves. Bruce can be a lot of fun when he's trying to be funny. I also found it funny when he thinks he found a way to win later on only to admit that didn't work out. I suppose it might be corny to have all this talk about them (and other trios) being connected but it works with the way the comic is written. Circe and Diana know it's destiny. Clark relates it to a family bond while Bruce accept it but just doesn't understand it. I could probably write an essay on this stuff.

The leads try to stop Etrigan and his demons only to realize their no match. Batman finds Blood and convinces him to bind Etrigan to himself again. This issue is more of a set up for the Trinity, the evil Trio (Duo?) and the Outlaws meeting up. No mention of the JLD members Constantine, Zatanna and Deadman entering the picture. I thought they might tie into this when Blood turned up. Judging by what Circe and Ra's say I got the impression the Outlaws were drawn to the Pandora Pits though that's still confusing. Whether or not Artemis knows who Circe is Jason knows Ra's. Is magic at work? The issue it's self doesn't make it clear. The solicit for the arc this leads into says the Outlaws are sacrificed to the pits. Based on what I've read I guess this is to make them into a monster. If that's it the concept seems rather limited. I can only hope the Outlaws do more than just act like plot devices to be used with no real presence.

The idea of an evil Trinity made of the leads enemies is a good one. The selection makes sense as Circe, Ra's Al Ghul and the absent Lex Luthor all want power. They have a better chance of working together than having someone like the Joker or other rogues. The use of Circe is more than a little confusing. Rebirth Circe has a different look and personality who in turn differs from the previously well known purple haired Circe. While this Circe is the New 52 version that has a connection to the New 52 Amazons origins. I don't know how any of this fits and personally I prefer the purple haired version who was quirky, fun and pretty wicked too.

This is wasn't a bad read like some of the comments I read in passing. I think Titans #8 had far worse dialogue and confusing bits. While Circe herself represents the problem with organizing continuity there's at least more leeway given her character. I'm not sure it'd work or why she'd do it but at least Circe has changed her identity in old canon. Though that was to fool Diana but being a normal woman. I don't think this issue will be needed to read the Outlaws upcoming appearance I just like getting more of a feel for the book.

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