Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Selina's answer

My feelings on the question she was asked and her potential answer.


Bruce finally asked Selina to marry him. Do I think they will tie the knot? I have my doubts. She'll either say no due to not wanting to be tied down or the engagement/marriage won't last long. I have little faith that it will be more than that. This proposal happens some time after Bruce met Flashpoint Thomas Wayne who told him to stop being Batman and be happy. (Well more specifically to be a better father to Damian.) I'm not so sure that he'll stop being Batman since he's wearing the costume minus the cowl when he's proposing.

If Selina says no then there's really no change in the status quo.

If she says yes and DC decides to go through with it there's still a lot of things to go through. The bat family it's self particularly the Robins don't feel like a family at the moment. Tim Drake is still missing and presumed dead. Dick Grayson's relationship with Tim was pretty much nonexistent since New 52 started. No one (except Lobdell) seems sure how Jason Todd and Dick relate to each other. Damian gets along with Dick and no one else. If the engagement became an event this would be an excellent time to strength these relationships with each other and Selina/Bruce.

Damian probably wouldn't be thrilled with Selina being his stepmom. The friction would be present and this would likely led to conflict with Talia too. Selina is pretty tough though and her love for animals might win her some points with him.

Tim and Dick were usually okay with her. I'd think Jason should be alright with her given his background. Pre-Crisis Jason didn't like her but then again he had a mother figure he wanted with Bruce.

Until something big comes out of this I'm sorry to say I'm not too excited.


  1. Yeah, this won't last. I can see DC going the same route as when Dinah and Ollie got married, and having special after special of showers and stag parties and the Legion of Doom or something at the ceremony and Selina's tragic not-death which will make Bruce go back to being Bats again.

    Who knows?

  2. I could also see Damian making a big deal about how Bruce is never there for him. To make Bruce choose between him and Selina. Maybe Selina herself will feel uncomfortable with the new role. Either one while still bringing back the status quo would at least be different.