Monday, June 19, 2017

Tumblr can be a horrible place

You might find some cool sites but there's so much pointless crap. People getting upset over pairings that aren't canon, being furious that their headcanon isn't being treated like canon. Getting facts wrong and blaming people for stuff that isn't even the accused fault. Making blanket statements and stating something sucks without properly explaining why. It's aggravating and I barely go there except to visit the sites that are good. Even then you hear about the frustrating stuff.


  1. It's frustrating how vocal they're despite having very little canon knowledge. Among them there are people whose arts and fics I'm genuinely a fan of. Recently there are the stuff with Artemis/Jason and bringing back the All-Blades. Blaming Lobdell for the Chosen One plot which he had nothing to do with.

  2. Exactly. Lobdell invented the All Blades but the Chosen One plot was all on Tynion. Lobdell even dismissed it in a flasback scene with Jason telling Ducra that he's not going to be her Chosen One. I doubt any of them would own up to being wrong.