Tuesday, July 18, 2017

No, I'm not going to read Detective Comics

I got in a conversation with someone who claims to like RHATO.

I don't think they read much of the original series as they damned the whole thing and said the usual spiel. They said the new series was great...while also saying it still wasn't a number of things. Making a bunch of backhanded compliments while still saying they sincerely liked it. They didn't explain what they didn't like just that it wasn't like other books they liked. I didn't want to start a debate to distract from the main topic so I pointed out a couple things, ignored other statements that were wrong and mentioned what I hadn't read.

Then they recommended Detective Comics saying it was far superior to RHATO. Which is kind of hilarious if you know my opinion of Tynion's writing. I have yet to read anything by him that I loved. At most I thought the Ra's Al Ghul one shot he did was okay but was very paint by numbers. A standard story for the character that really served no purpose and ultimately was pretty forgettable. His time on RHATO was horrible so no, I don't believe his work is that great.

I've gone on about what I hated about his writing in reviews so yeah it bothers me when someone suggests I read more of his work or I'm not being fair. I think I've been more than fair by analyzing his stories and saying why they don't work. I gave him multiple tries and I don't think I owe it to anyone to try again. It's my time and money.

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