Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Red Hood and the Outlaws #12 Vol.2

Bizarro isn't doing so good and having Solomon Grundy around won't make it any easier.


The suit guy from the end of the first arc gets Solomon Grundy to do a job for him right when the Outlaws are trying to find a way to treat Bizarro. I love how Jason promises Bizarro he's going to be fine and Artemis doesn't understand why he's lying. That's just such an Artemis thing, to not get why people are doing things or seeing how her behavior isn't the norm. The dialogue bubble for Jason's reply is the type you have when someone has attitude in their voice. They mean business and I'm drawing a blank on if/when it was used with Jason prior to this.

In general Jason doesn't truly lose it with his teammates but this one sentence from Artemis just pisses him off. Because Jason doesn't want Bizarro to worry he's comforting him. Jason never had anyone do that for him when he was dying and he might also be in denial over losing Bizarro. Gunn thinking their bantering and Jason's reaction to her was a nice touch. Like he honestly doesn't know where she got that impression because it's a serious matter.

Jason opens up about it being hard to lose Bizarro even though he always knew they would. Artemis sympathizes as she just lost Akila. Again. When news of Grundy terrorizing comes in Artemis offers to go to let Jason stay with Bizarro but it's personal and he knows how dangerous Grundy is. Artemis shows her softer side by kissing Bizarro goodbye before they go. She even has a sense of humor Jason gets as she introduces herself like Grundy does.

They need Bizarro's help and although he knows he's dying he values them more. He saves them even though they both beg him to go home to save himself. Bizarro wants them to take care of Pup Pup. (Damn it Lobdell why do you have to make me tear up?) Bizarro is gone but Jason can't accept it. Which makes sense given his history he just jumped straight to using the Lazarus Pit which kinda surprised me. Gah, stopping pulling at my heart! Lex Luthor shows up to be an ass by knocking Jason and Artemis out.

I wish Lobdell would show Jason do some impressive fighting. I think the fact he still hasn't after all this time is one of my biggest gripes for this series. The only time Jason has been impressive that comes to mind is the first fight with an Untitled woman. The writing was solid for all the leads, Gunn has more of a backstory now and the art really added to the emotional weight. I'm hoping Bizarro isn't dead but rather in a coma because I don't want the dead and return bit to go to anyone besides Jason on this team.

Say What?: Gunn says their international war criminals now so I'm assuming Tara Battleworth got rid of Jason and Roy's negative status when they worked for her. Both of them did get involved in Qurac politics after all but why would Artemis have that status? In Qurac at least since the Amazons have lived there for ages. Does the outside world not know they exist?

More depth for Gunn as we learn she was a surgeon in a M.A.S.H. unit during Korean  war (I wonder if Lobdell was a fan of the show.) I watched the show with my dad on DVD and I can't remember if there were any female surgeons from America. Maybe? Anyway this gives her a surgeon background like Leslie. Makes you wonder how she became a criminal. It also sheds some light on how she was able to change her building into a place for the criminally infirmed.

Yep, Jason mentioned Bizarro having a limited shaft life when talked to Artemis in the cells.

A friend? Does Artemis not like labels, think Jason won't understand or is DC not allowing Lobdell to refer to Akila as Artemis' ex? Was it just a one sided love? Lobdell pretty heavily implied this to the point it's in the text as the would love was used.

Jason used to go to the annual fair. I love all these details Lobdell gives Jason.

Jason's "I wish" when Grundy mentions "grew worse on Friday! Died on Saturday !"

Bizarro having a sense of humor and mocking Grundy. Cinnamon Grumby? God, I love it.

Did You Notice?: Oh crap there's going to be some drama. Notice the old letter that was sent to Jason? Remember where it was sent from? When it would have to be sent? Then you know who it's from. Lobdell I'm impressed you're going there.

Questions Raised?: I'm a broken record, I know, but how does this arrangement with Ma Gunn work? On a related note what is this cover Artemis speaks of? Who else is he trying to fool since Black Mask was stopped?

Why didn't Jason at least mention seeing Simon Amal? He literally studied alien genetics for years.

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