Thursday, July 20, 2017

Stop bullying creators

This has gotten out of hand.

I've seen this in FAR too many fandoms and it usually has to do with shipping. People want a couple together or don't want one to get and pester the people behind the scenes. If I knew RWBY had this drama before I got into the series I would have ignored the show like the plague. It's why I'm not getting into a number of series. I can't stand the drama nor the fact people are putting fictional relationships--many of which aren't even canon--in front of common decency to the creators. A.K.A. real people that put work and often love into their projects. Voice actors have been brutally criticized just for pointing out something wasn't canon.

Recently I've been hearing about Scott Lobdell being harassed because Dexter Soy's art apparently making it seem like Jason Todd and Artemis might get together. Lobdell has already stated in a podcast that he doesn't want to get them together but editorial does. It's not even certain if he will go that direction. Will people bother to research this and apologize for jumping to conclusions? Of course not. BTW two people comforting each other during grief does not equal couple. And Artemis is bisexual, Lobdell has stated it and she's literally had a sex dream about a man previously. So if she did want a man it's not out of no where.