Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Short Review: Super Sons #5

Will the boys punishment work out?


The punishments or rather Damian's punishment is pretty much a pointless. Alfred grumbles about how this is why he has no kids forgetting he has a daughter.

I really don't get why characters act the way they do. Damian's character voice is off, Jon runs away from home to see Damian and even he's not sure why. Damian flat out says their not friends. Besides the plot saying so anyway. Again Damian states their not friends which Jon agrees with yet he still went to see someone he considers a bully. Somehow Jon sneaks into the cave but we never learn how.

The two have yet another fight that serves no purpose and hide in the butt of the T-Rex only to have Alfred spot them. He tells them how their dads took awhile to become friends and basically saying that they need to become friends too. It's done in a pretty heavy handed way that makes no sense. Damian is a bad influence who already endangered their lives and the two always fight. But now, despite just punishing them for going off alone their parents have decided to let them do whatever they want as long as their together. Oh correction, Clark and Bruce decided this without Lois. Lovely.

So in the end Damian is right "ask for forgiveness not permission" because you can do whatever you want because your parents will eventually cave into your way of thinking. Yes Jon needs someone that understands him around his age but Damian hasn't shown that he's that person. They just assume it will work like it has for their dads. The bit with Superman and Batman wondering who would win between them was kinda corny too.

The poses of the flashback looks like it's from Hush even if the designs aren't the same. That fight had nothing to do with a disagreement, Clark was under Poison Ivy's control. There's some funny moment like Damian calling their dads out on eavesdropping and Bruce pointing out that's what Damian does with him. But overall I'm glad I only have one more issue to go as I found this issue and it's message insufferable.

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