Saturday, July 29, 2017

Short Review: Rebirth Aquaman #25 & #26

I heard this series was good and it featured the return of Dolphin into the Rebirth continuity. After seeing a preview of #26 I had to get these issues.


I read Abnett fairly recently when he did his Rebirth take of the Titans. I find his Titans to be dull and pointlessly overdramatic (*1) with with the blandest of characterizations. Except for Donna and Garth who are both needlessly angry and violent which was never part of either of their personalities before the relaunch so it makes no sense. I do have to wonder how much has to do with the editorial screwing around with the Titans again after reading this. Aquaman doesn't read like Titans, it's actually really good. Let me get the parts I found a little iffy out of the way first.

I do have to question the idea of repeating the "he's a half breed so we overthrew him" plot. I don't read a lot of Aquaman but I'm fairly certain these plotlines come up various times. I like the concept of Aquaman becoming a legend of the ghost of the dead king. But it's been a few weeks since he "died" and Aquaman was trying not to be seen--and he totally was. I'll let the fact no one is sure it's him since he grew his hair out go since everyone is iffy about this. One last thing that's more of a "please don't go there" than a complaint.

In old canon Dolphin got together with Aquaman for awhile and now Mera claims nothing will get between her and him again--cue image with Dolphin implying otherwise. The drama Abnett has in Titans isn't being well received for a reason. Dolphin did get together with Garth in old canon but Tula is alive and he's currently interested in Lilith. I don't want Dolphin to just be a character to use to roadblock couples and cause trouble.

Stjepan Sejic is REALLY impressive and prefect for this title. It's rare to see an artist that does the pencils, coloring, inks and cover. I now have another favorite artist to add to the list.

The plot and the characterizations are pretty strong in this and the art certainty gives a clearer picture of their personalities. Especially Dolphin who despite being mute really shines due her facial expressions. Her redesign is lovely and apparently she can hide her mutation. I love the bit where her powers to blind others is so strong she can create seizures. Dolphin and Mera do steal the show even if Aquaman has his own awesome moments.

Mera, having been in a state of shock/depression after her love's death, proves she's a force to be reckoned with. And I love it, that's a fierce queen.

There's political intrigue with two characters I know nothing about that nevertheless fascinates me. I'll read at least to the end of this arc before deciding if I should continue. Garth is supposed to come back and that will make for an interesting deciding factor.

*1 Yes you read correctly. Titans somehow managed to be dull and overdramatic.


  1. Another Rebirth? If they could just come up with some decent stories, they wouldn't have to hit the re-set button every six months.

  2. Well I was a little late in getting into this series. That said I'm not against Dolphin getting reset since there's some drama involved in her past.