Friday, July 21, 2017

So far SDCC is pretty disappointing

Anyone else not getting into it this year? Also rant on my berserk button being pushed and the need to voice it somewhere.

  • No mention of Booster Gold.
  • Creators I don't care for get more titles. Meaning even the ones I'd normally give a try I won't read since I don't like how writers writing.
  • RHATO not mentioned despite other Bat books getting talked about. Promote the book DC. Jason's popularity is up, he's the most requested character for injustice. Also please don't let the Eternal writers use him.
  • DC Icons getting replaced with Essentials which is a different scale and has the same old characters selection instead of new ones.
  • Announcements about things I don't care about. I want to get new titles and I've been open to trying new things but this just isn't the variety I'm looking for. How about another magic series? Or you know, Booster Gold.
  • King planning on using the Robins when he hasn't used them well in the past. 

Also King, Jason getting killed wasn't the best thing that happened to him. Collins had plans that got screwed over and the next writer just wanted him gone. Jason had tons of potential stories that are STILL untapped just based on his background. You don't know that his death was the only way to make him interesting (in your POV) because no one gave the character the chance to shine before killing him off. The poll was a disgusting hype machine designed to cover up dumping Jason. (Unprinted pages shows he would have been in a coma if he survived.)

It was a lazy, uncreative move to weasel out of responsibility, kept those that wanted him to live (the kids) from voting and allowed cheating. People at DC acknowledged knowing the latter but still went through with it. I can't say UTH was the best thing either since no one knew what to do with him even with fans demanding Jason be an anti-hero with his own solo. Again DC ignored what the fans wanted for a long time, they still do by refusing to promote the title. So I'd say Lobdell has been the best thing that happened to Jason Todd's character as he's actually staying true to the character and developing him. Unlike King who just takes the lazy route of making Jason the dumb street punk stereotype.


  1. Yeah, I was kind of hoping Johns would help set that into motion.