Thursday, July 20, 2017

Who is the the man in the suit?

A man showed up at the end of the first RHATO Rebirth arc. He's shown some interest in the team.

After Black Mask is defeated Artemis, Bizarro and Red Hood unknowingly get their picture taken as they agree to work together. A newspaper dubs them the "Dark Trinity" which the man in the suit puts with his other clippings and photos of the trio. There's a few interesting bits if you look at the images he's got strung together.
  • The clipping of presumably Jason Todd.
  • Picture of Red Hood fighting Batman.
  • Picture of Artemis wearing causal wear.
  • An image of a museum, I have no idea how this could relate to the trio at present. It might have to do with the villains' past or a future scheme he has.
  • A bridge, I think.
  • It looks like a high society party from what I can see. Might be something to do with Bruce Wayne or Lex Luthor.
  • An employee badge from someone that works for Luthor.
  • Superman picture.
  • Another group pic of the Outlaws.

The man in the suit is pretty curious. Here's what we know about him so far.
  1. His suit has what happens to have bullet holes and maybe dried blood.
  2. He appears to have the clippings in place before the newspaper dubbing the Outlaws the Dark Trinity is published. This means this interest isn't new.
  3. The clippings also mean the suit man has a lot of knowledge. If the first clipping is Jason (who else would it be?) then he knows who Red Hood is.
  4. The resources at his disposal are impressive. He's either able to spy on the Outlaws or hacking into networks to get images of them. The ID badge, depending how he obtained it could mean he has a man inside the company or found out some connection with Bizarro. The fact he could break Grundy out of Arkham suggests he at least has enough sway to get it done.

Who is this guy and why is he so fascinated with the Outlaws?


This was the first idea I saw a fan throw out . Neither the clothes or the speech pattern really fit though. Given what happened in Watchmen I'm not sure how this would fit any way.

The Other Black Mask

I know I've been beating a dead horse by bringing this up. I mentioned my theory that originally Roman Sionis wasn't the Black Mask we see in the first arc. Now the person on tumblr claiming to know spoilers said that the suit man wasn't supposed to have that connection and would only have his identity changed if Lobdell is allowed to use it another idea he had. The suit guy has the same resources as Black Mask, most of the same speech pattern and would have a reason for having so much information already. The suit and gloves even look the same.

A Previously Dead Enemy Back for Revenge

I don't know who this villain could be. I think Lobdell has used this idea enough already (dead villain returning to life) but maybe this could be someone Jason assumed he killed? 

Am I forgetting any theories? Either way this should be fun to see who this guy is.

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