Friday, July 21, 2017

What's Ma Gunn hiding ?

Will history repeat it's self with Jason discovering more family history?

Way back in Death In The Family Jason found himself walking around in his old neighborhood when a former friend of Catherine's spotted him. She gave him a box of his parents belongings that was filled with photos and important papers. This lead to him finding his water damaged birth certificate and his dad's black address book. Items that Jason used to help him find his birth mother. (*1) This journey is what lead to his death.

Now after Bizarro bursts through the wall Ma Gunn found an old letter/package (it looks a little big to be a regular letter *2) addressed to Jason that came from Gotham City jail. Presumably from his dad back when Jason was staying at the school. Gunn seems upset about it:

Gunn: Oh my. Faye, what have you done ?

Her reaction could also be her realizing she's in a weird position with Jason being Red Hood. I'm not sure since Jason doesn't seem to be hiding that fact and Artemis openingly refers to him by name. She did previously deny they were one in the same after Jason saved her but she's not stupid. So I think this has to do with Willis. I'm guessing Gunn knew him and given the background Jason mentioned in RHATO #0 Vol. 1 it seems like Willis could have ended up at the school. What has Ma Gunn "done" ? Hide the letters from Jason? They seem to have been hidden in the wall. They probably wouldn't have survived the explosion from the first arc otherwise.

Yet she didn't throw them away which makes it even more curious. So why would she keep the letters away from Jason ? Ma Gunn herself did illegal things and likely taught Willis. Did she feel guilty about that or was she trying to protect Jason from something? Willis or whatever he did that earned him a life in prison? Whatever the answer I don't think Jason is going to take it well.

*1 I said it before but neither of these items make sense for the plot of DITF. We never learned how Willis knew any of these women. One was a spy that claimed never to have gone to Gotham. Another was Lady Shiva. The birth certificate makes no sense because as Jason's legal guardian Bruce should have seen a copy and know who his mother was !

*2 Possibly more than one letter addressed to Jason as several are on the ground.

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