Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Short Review: Odyssey of the Amazons #6

The end of the mini series.


The younger Amazons are reunited with the rest. The hybrid Amazon/Jotun creations conveniently die as their bodies crumble. One Amazon dies to distract the bad guy and for some reason doesn't come back as a Valkyrie despite that previously happening. Maybe she was already one but it still doesn't make sense. Hessia grabs the sword of Surtr to fight him, ignores the gods warnings by killing him, keeping the sword and taking the strand of the Amazons destiny. Also conveniently the Valkyrie powers fade when they leave.

We get a nudge and a wink about Wonder Woman but it raises the question why Hessia wasn't chosen. This title doesn't seem to accomplish anything as it's questionable if this can fit into canon. The characters weren't really memorable outside Hessia but even she often suffers by having a lack of a strong presence. I wish this could have had us care about the leads more. But none of them got much development and the Amazons were mostly slaughtered making them all feel very expendable.

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