Sunday, May 1, 2011

Booster first meets Max

A lot of people don't know that they actually met before Booster was asked to come to Maxs' office in JL. It wasn't really like most of Maxs' meetings where people just stood around staring helplessly as Max took over something or assuming people would just do what he wanted. He wasn't quite as smooth as usual and underestimated Booster a little. This wasn't long after Booster returned from the future (you can tell by the hair cut) and had been gone for months because of over jumping with the time machine. His security system wasn't really up yet, something Max took advantage of. Before time traveling Booster was trying to figure out how to join the JL but couldn't even find their number. So what does Max do to recruit him? Breaking in Boosters' mansion in the middle of the night! Only Max didn't know that Booster was a former college football player or that he wouldn't be too stunned to react.



  1. So...Max got tackled by a halk-nekkid Booster at their first meeting? No WONDER he liked him so much!

  2. I always saw Maxs' crush--I mean admiration--for Booster in a lot of places. Doesn't make it any easier when his ex-wife recruited Booster and had serious vibes with him.