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All that Glitters: The Gambling themes of Johns/Katz run part 2

Short-Cuts: Booster calls their abilty to check history for ways to save the day "cheating." Although this point of view changes quite a bit as he's fine with saving a boy from a fall after he declines the offer to rejoin the JLA. The idea of not being able to save others from their fates will become a bigger part of the series. He works hard to be a good hero without seeking out the limelight or making money. Trying and failing to encourage Daniel to do the same.

Jason Goldstein/Rex Hunter wanted to cut out the heroes to make himself a big name in the crisis to come. While ignoring Rips' warning he claims that he's doing the right thing while ironically accusing Rip of being the one who can't see the bigger picture.

If you want to get technical you could say that Daniel is cheating to win his 38th ranking as he doesn't have the needs others do while wearing the Supernova suit.

Taking a Dive:
Booster Gold:...So I pulled a Pete Rose and bet on my games. Then I went Shoeless Joe and threw one.
We have Booster throwing away his future twice. The first (linearly) is where he throws the game for his dad. This was a decision made entirely from the heart. Wanting to be loved and accepted by a man he knew won't care about him. His emotions are twisted by his father and Michelle makes a last ditch plea using logic that he refuses to listen to. It's a selfish, desperate way that he loses everything including the family he loves. The second is by rejecting the offer to join the JLA. While he wanted to be a more proper hero he was motivated by selfish needs too. Perhaps not for money or love but he wanted respect. He wanted people to know he was the hero that saved the day and not a joke in the history books. By seeing the consequences of his acceptance he gives up everything he hoped to be to do the right thing.

Jon Carter: Or as Skeets translated in a Newsarama interview written by Geoff Johns, Jon a 25th century shortening for Jonar which means "he who tried and failed." Which is also Boosters' middle name and in 52 it was Daniels' too. He left his wife with two four year old kids and his debts. It's implied by him and Michelle that Jon used their mother, likely money which suggests that she was rich at one point. His scar comes from loan sharks from his various gambling debts.

Theft: Let's face it, the Carter legacy his based on this. Daniel was willing to break into Rips' lab, Booster stole the parts for his suit, the Supernova suits are based on stolen tech Rip encouraged Booster to take, Jon/Mind stole the Supernova suit from Daniel and Michelle took the Goldstar suit from Boosters' people.


Rose Levin: We all put on acts in this life, Daniel. We all pretend to be something we aren't.

There's a lot of deceptions going on in this book. We see Maxs' turn to villainy (again), the Time Stealers various fake schemes to get Booster to give up, but the greatest of the deceivers are the Carter family themselves. There are notable exceptions of course. The first being Daniel. Although he tries to lie to Rose in order to protect Booster but also to impress her. This of course fails since Daniel may be the worst liar in the entirely family. Jon is more straightforward in his manipulations. Booster notes that his father is a con man and although he likely was one with most people he's pretty honest with his son. He never promises anything. Instead he tries to make his problems Boosters' responsibility by telling him that he's the one that wanted him in his life and basically guilting him into getting what he wants. Jon seems to be disgusted by those who are so easily led by their emotions enough to fall for something that's always been obvious. Michelle is seen with pride as she never fell for the act. Michelle herself will later be disgusted with her family keeping secrets about her.

Rose is a country girl trying her hand at being a big city reporter but she let's Daniel in on the secret that at center of this series and the Carter family. Nothing is really what it seems. Rips' perfected the act of hiding in plain sight. The true mastermind that's usually twenty steps ahead of everyone. Booster wants to be himself but is forced into the role of the fool as his cover. How he does this greatly differs from usual superhero methods. He's pretty creative in winging it. Instead of using brawn he plays into Sinestros' ego, he gets drunk to get information, and later uses his own persona to get Hawkman to doubt their odds in a fight. At one point the evil Supernova refuses to believe that Booster isn't playing down his abilities to try and fool him.

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