Sunday, May 22, 2011

Writers Block: Booster Gold Getting Character Development or Character Derailment? Part 2

Greg Rucka:

Following up on Boosters' journey from CTIC Rucka shows right off the bat how mature Booster is. When Booster tries to politely decline a fans' demands. Although still obviously injured Booster has checked out of the hospital for one reason: to find his best bud. Ego isn't important to him.
A nicely underplayed part is how Booster deals with the big three. Although there's an art hint that he likes Wonder Woman (that's not the reason he agreed to work with her) it's not something that would be obvious to a first time reader. While Teds' somewhat out of character POV from CTIC suggests he was in awe of the bigger heroes Booster has no time nor patience for them. Given his worried state it makes sense that he wouldn't show his usual sorta-kinda hero worship of Superman or respect of Batman. How much he learns from Batmans' tale of the mindwipe isn't clear as Bruce doesn't specially mention certain details but Booster doesn't buy into it. Superman and WW try to reason with Batman asking if he thought how others would feel. 

It's amazing scene when you think about it. The cause and effect of the actions of the league (which still go unpunished) that led to the death of an innocent those same members ignored. Batman is playing the victim, something that will quickly change. Booster remains the only one who doesn't care so much about what happened as what Bruce did. He calls into question how Batman would judge others bringing up another all but forgotten plot point of Brother Eye injuring him. When he admits the satellite was stolen Booster scoffs at the unfairness of Batman actions of creating the ultimate spy satellite and losing it being disregarded but others referring to him as irresponsible. His reaction to learning that the incident led to Teds' death is a thing of beauty calling Batman on his own ego. Something that actually is touched on later on when Bruce (still in denial) thinks to himself that Booster is wrong, that he always considers his actions. Photobucket When Guy comes to take him away Booster start showing the first signs of his leadership abilities. (*4) He stops the fight between Wonder Woman and Guy knowing it won't solve anything. No doubt feeling betrayed by the higher up he agrees with the assessment that WW wasn't "part of our league" leaving with Guy. He's noticeably bothered with the whole affair but determined to see it through. I'm actually very touched by the amount of effort Guy is putting into helping him. Whether it's busting heads (mentioned in JSA by Johns) or trying to lighten the mood. The two sort of co-lead the team that takes on the Omacs until the group is overwhelmed. I'm actually not sure even now if his idea to blow himself up wasn't half suicidal because he was just sick of it all. But with another friend dead, Fire injured and being left out of the big battle Booster decides to go home. Something we never get to see but will led to him returning with Skeets and introducing Jaime Reyes into the superhero world.

*4 The first signs of them under this part of his career. Booster was already a quarterback and leader of the Conglomerate.


  1. This really was beautifully written. Rucka is one of my favorite writers. He did an excellent job of showing Booster as a REAL human being, and not the joke that so many of the JLAers saw him. And it's true, what Guy said...even though Wonder Woman IS on their side, she wasn't a part of THEIR league, and I can understand why he's so angry and hurt. Booster is hurt the most, but he's also the one holding it together.

    Good good stuff.

  2. Rucka did such a good job writing the aftermath of CTIC and how the JLI reacted. (Yes, I could sorta see Fire being that cold when they visit her.) Yeah this Booster wasn't really humorous but very vulnerable and in an odd way isolated despite his friends showing up. He wanted to do more but there wasn't anything for him to do. Max was dead and his costume was totaled. It's really interesting to see that an elitism does exist within the heroes ranks. Not that I'd say WW is like that but she's just not a misfit like them.

    That was another reason I hated G/D Ted issue, Booster might have been beaten around but he's never broken down like that. He always gets back up no matter how bad things are.