Monday, May 16, 2011

Writers Block: Rip Hunter Subtle Depth? Part 2

Chuck Dixon:

Other than Rip getting shot by Alfred (or not the time travel was a little confusing) there's not any real change in his character. There was a cute moment where Rip seems to be pleased that he managed to shock Booster by bringing Michelle back. And a nice bit where Rip thinks Booster doesn't take his victories into account enough. This hints at a sense of humor at the irony his family doesn't get.. Nothing that's really new.

He tells everyone what the problems are, offers Booster encouragement and that's pretty much it. Perhaps the set up of the time knife plot that Jurgens has Dixon start was showing that Rip didn't realize the problem wasn't solved. Then again he wasn't around when the knife was in play for either story. 

Rick Remender:

Admittedly there are flaws in this story (more on that in the Booster section) but I am rather fond of how Remender writes Rip into the plot in this two parter. It's the first real concern we see Booster display over Rip in this series. Okay, yeah he was worried when Rip was shot under Dixon but that was quickly pushed out of the way to get the twins to fix the problem on their own. But Booster tells Michelle and later Lady Chronos of all the good Rip has done and how he deserves a helping hand.

It shows how truly screwed everyone would be if Rip fell into the wrong hands (tentacles, etc.) that would use his information for their own purposes. Remender also drives home the creepiness of the Starros when the ever level-headed Rip Hunter freaks out over having one tapped into his brain. There's real affection Booster feels for Rip and a similar protective vibe Rip gets when Lady Chronos starts to put the moves on his dad. Hey, I'm a sucker for families that show concern for each other. And letting emotions get the better of Rip was a nice change of pace.


  1. All things considered, Dixon and Remender did a pretty decent job with Booster and Rip. I remember being absolutely terrified by Remender, and then pleasantly surprised. And Dixon, for all of his faults is actually a pretty good writer too.

  2. Remender was good even though I think he really overstepped his bounds as a fill in writer. I was very impressed with how much he showcased the Carters in two issues and their concern for each other. (Plus the magic hand bit was priceless.)

    Dixon was okay but even a time travel lover like me got confused with how the second issue worked.