Thursday, May 5, 2011

Writers Block: Maxwell Lord Friend or fiend? Part 2

Greg Rucka:

Like Johns and Winick, Rucka was also involved in writing CTIC. While he also keeps the tone of Johns version of the character he adds something that's been severally lacking: humor. Although there were some chuckle worthy moments it didn't hide the lack of depth the  character had since the new direction. Max still believed he alone knew how the shape the world into a better place and destroyed anyone that got in his way. Another disturbing add on was the misogynistic comments Max would make towards Wonder Woman. Whether telling her that she looked good on her knees during the Sacrifice storyline or repeatedly calling her "baby" during his Blackest Night appearance this Max seemed compelled to make innuendo whenever they met. 

(And yes, I hate that outfit WW is wearing.)


  1. Rucka really is a very good writer, and I miss him terribly on Wonder Woman. His version of Max had a certain black humor certainly. And man oh man, Max was doing every little thing that he could to push Diana's buttons.

    But I don't really buy the version of Max that had him ALWAYS evil. We saw things from his point of view too many times in the old JLI's.

  2. He is a good writer and I don't really blame him for following the company line regarding Max. But he didn't really do much to improve on the characterization. I cringe when I hear what he says to Wonder Woman.

    Neither did I, luckily later versions said he wasn't always bad.