Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Justice League :The Next Generation?

With all the talk about Justice Leagues I started wondering why no one has ever done a League with the kids of the current members. I suppose Kingdom Come sort of did but this idea has so much potential. Damian, Irey West, Chris Kent, etc. There has even been a popular fan idea of Milagro Reyes becoming a Green Lantern, and hey Black Beetle stirred up the concept that she'd arguably become more important than Jaime. 

I've been considering doing a future JLI drawing with Rip and the kids of the JLI. And if Rip can't carry on the "Gold" name I suppose Rani or Daniel and Roses' future kid could. I want to do a Tora/Guy kid but I can't decide if it should be a boy or a girl. I'm kind of leaning towards a boy if Milagro is the GL but I'm having a hard time thinking of a boy of Guys' having ice powers. I guess I just naturally see Guy having a girl and spoiling her rotten. Of course I thought the same thing about Booster which changed with Rip then sort of worked out with Rani appearing. 

I don't really see Bea as the mother type, more of the doting aunt. Gavril seems like he'd have no objections to being a father but you never know. Cap has grown up kids (no idea if they currently have kids) but none of them are in the superhero business. Powergirl? Well she did have a kid once that grew up fast and no one wants to him mention again. Pretty sure she never actually gave the kid a name outside "baby" anyway. I do wish that Ralph and Sues' baby lived somehow but they haven't mentioned the kid since it was revealed that she was pregnant when she died. Dmitri had a boy and girl although they might be slightly older than the rest. Scott and Barda exist again but I'm not sure how that works. Their child would be awesome though.

Am I forgetting anyone with kids or couples that could have kids in the JLI?


  1. This is SUCH a cool idea. *sniff*


    Milagro would be fabulous. I would have liked Lian, but hey, THAT'S not going to happen. There is also Sin, who could be pretty awesome.

    Tora and Guy would have a girl. And they' would be sensational parents. Hal probably has children all over the cosmos, but none that he's actually aware of.

    There are Wally's kids, too, Jai and Irey.

  2. I think I'm going to go through with my drawing idea although I'll have to do designs for them first.

    Fandom has a lot of Milagro GL art work (there's a fan comic with her, Lian and some others too.) Ditto, such a pointless death. I WISH they'd retcon what happened to Roy and her with the reboot. She never even met her baby brother. :( Yes, Sin as Black Canary!

    Even if I do a girl for Tora/Guy I can't decided on hair color. I don't want to do a clone of Tora but at the same time I'm thinking "she has red hair and ice powers"?

    I mentioned Irey but I think their trying to imply Jai will become a bad guy. Might be interesting if my theory about Black Beetle is true.