Monday, May 23, 2011

Boosters' first real conflict with the league

Booster went undercover to stop the Manhunters, he just didn't tell anyone. The league believed the worst in him thinking that he just switched sides when the Manhunters were losing. He's attacked and "kidnaps" one of the Chosen the league was trying to protect to show her how much the world sucks. No matter where he goes he has to deal with crap and gets so sick of it he destroys his mansion and goes to Rips' to hop a time sphere to a better era. Only Rip doesn't have any functioning time machines and the league go to confront Booster to convience him that they want him to stay. Naturally he doesn't believe them.


Nice going Canary, calling the guy you wronged an idiot is a great way to prove you care. Maybe if you didn't come in calling him names he'd be more inclined to listen. And yeah, Jurgens has had Booster crushing on her a few times.

Got to say Rips' awfully nice for not telling them all to get the hell out of his house. He's the one in the vest next to Ted, which I think is the closest they got to meeting in any canon.

That middle panel where Booster says that people always see the worst in him makes me wince because it's so true. Trixie (his potential love interest, friend, employee and the first Goldstar) calls J'onn on his bull a few pages ago. Booster can and has endured some terrible treatment so when he's ready to jump ship it means things have gotten unbearably bad for him. And his comment on guys with capes? Yeah, he's talking about Superman.


  1. Poor Booster. He really does have to put up with a helluva lot of crap. And yes, Superman can certainly be a huge pain in the butt. Along with Batman. Heck, out of the Big Three, Wonder Woman is the only one with any manners.

    Thank goodness he went back!

  2. I think Boosters' officially a Woobie. You just want to give him a hug after he endures so much crap. I think it's gotten worse since Ted died because he's always going through some emotional and/or physical stress.