Saturday, May 14, 2011

Writers Block: Michelle Carter Independent Woman or just Boosters' sister? Part 4

Dan Jurgens (Take Two):

Getting back into the swing of things Jurgens starts off by having Michelle pose for Leonardo de Vici. It's a nicely underplayed scene in regards to Michelle. She knows that their not supposed to mess with historic figures and such. But she still wants to be painted by a famous painter. It sorta feels like something early Jurgens' Booster would do. Not as obvious but there's definitely some ego at work here. Jurgens doesn't go overboard with the twin stereotypes like so many comics do. Their not the sweet doting sibling either. They bicker and make jabs at each other.  

When Jason/Rex Hunter overpowers them Michelle still tries to wait for the right moment to strike back instead of blindly attacking. She's not experienced at heroics so naturally she's not as skilled as her brother but hey at least she tried. There was some criticism over her "overreaction" to her own death. But I think Jurgens has a good grasps of the situation. She was dead before Rip changed things--something they've been telling her they can't interfere with. From her POV she's only brought back as a favor to her brother. Perhaps she's a little angry that the only reason anyone thinks she has any worth is because of her brother. Jurgens does have her lament on this during the Tomorrow Memory arc. After all the choices she's used to making suddenly her opinion doesn't matter. If it's her life then it should matter. Her series one reaction to Skeets reappears when he tries to defend their actions. He's just a machine with no concept of emotions to her.  
Despite the notions some more casual fans have of Michelle being a natural history student (although it doesn't seem to be general knowledge that Booster was) Jurgens has her admit it's not a strong subject for her. Like playing the part of Goldstar she's just along for the ride at present. I'd like to get more information on her life in the past and her relationship with Drew. It's not clear how long either were but she seems to be traveling with her boyfriend looking for a place to live. That implies they were serious although she never tells him the whole truth about herself, and he doesn't really believe her when she tries. Discovering that Booster and Skeets are there also seems to imply that a big enough gap of time has passed (for her) to be able to face them without anger. Well, yeah the fact that the city is about to be destroyed could play a part but I think she would still be a little distant if she didn't get over it. Booster tries to talk things out with her to explain why he needs her and why he can't save certain people. Although it would have made sense if she asked why Rip saved her and not others she's not talking to Rip. (*3)  

This scene shows that they are capable of solving things through discussions and Michelle doesn't blame him. (She claims that she can never stay mad at him.) Michelle has been pretty forgiving of her brother in general and supportive too. She agrees to stay but needs time to grieve for her boyfriend. It's a mature way to settle their miscommunication. 

*3 To be frank none of the writers really made her have much of a relationship with Rip to begin with. They causally say one or two things to each other and usually with someone else being present. Really the closest thing to a relationship even being mentioned was Michelles' amusement over Rani calling him "Boppy" under Giffin/DeMatteis and then asking him for money off panel. You'd think she'd want to talk to the guy that saved her. Odder still Jurgens art seem to imply that she's been staying in the time lab. Unless Booster lives there too (this is a little vague) she should see Rip more than her brother.


  1. I can understand Michelle being upset at being brought back from the dead as a favor to Booster. That has to be a bit...jarring. Not to mention a bit of a blow to her self-esteem.

    I do think that she is more or less "along for the ride". I don't get the impression that she enjoys the superhero gig, or that it is a calling the way that Booster seems to feel about it. She's out of time, and more or less stuck with this odd group of people and a cute little robot, and she is trying to adjust.

  2. Very true, it makes me wonder if that's the reason for the character not meeting Boosters' friends. (Although I want it to happen.) What I find baffling is the remarks that she's whining when she's had less panel time grief over her own "death" and her boyfriends' than Booster has had for Ted. Yet neither Booster nor the writers are ever called on it. I would like to see her trying to get an answer from Rip or any interaction with him.

    Yep, that's exactly how Jurgens put it when he was asked about Michelle. Which is also another baffling thing about the Johns run when he has Booster claim she wanted to be a hero like him. Granted Booster hadn't gotten an explanation for why she stole the uniform but that was never the case.