Thursday, May 19, 2011

Booster Gold #44, Power Girl #24 and B/R #23

Spoilers below

Batman and Robin #23: 

For some reason Winick is going with Morrisons' nonsensical rectonned red head Jason. It doesn't make sense because Jason had black hair before Bruce met him and I kinda doubt he'd be dying it when he had brain damage. Plus Morrison had Jason say Bruce made him dye it to look like Dick, creepy much? Otherwise I don't mind the change if only because it makes Jason the only one of the boys that doesn't look like a Bruce clone. I liked the issue okay but Winicks' other Jason work has been miles beyond this. Mostly I was caught by the meta things. The variant cover has Jasons' mug shot with Robin "no 2", the prisoner number is the issue numbers he was Robin. 

Jason hints that no one has come to visit him. Et tu Alfred? They think Arkham is the safest place for him? Really? The one with all the crazies that escape and usually has his murderer staying there? Yeah, that's cold, and they wonder why he has issues with the family? Of course it's laughable that they thought he would be in danger in a normal prison. Also, he reads Pride and Prejudice? Now I have the image of all the Robins as the Bennetts. Dick/Jane, Jason/Elizabeth, Tim/Mary, etc. Alfred would be Mr. Bennett of course...does that make Bruce Mrs. Bennett?

Power Girl #24:

Not much to say about this issue although I liked it. A tragic misunderstanding that leads to the wrongful imprisonment of an innocent man. I'm wondering if the agent pestering Karen will be the rumored loved interest. He and Rayhan both seem cool. I was kinda hoping for Boos--someone else but this has potential. 

Booster Gold #44:
I liked it as the first introduction issues but here are a few things that jumped out at me. Rani, as Jurgens promised, is still present although just mentioned here. Just how the past run of BG, JLGL and TMVP mesh is beyond me. I'm not even going to sweat it anymore because the BG issues don't fit beyond the first couple of issues. Jurgens has also admitted to not telling all of Boosters' past as he thinks the potential for future stories is fun to play with. He had these ideas for years. Well the most shocking part of the issue for me wasn't the Flashpoint stuff it was the reveal that not only did Jon abandon his family with his gambling debt he abused the twins mom. It's unclear if he did the same with the kids. 

This is a huge game changer because revealing abuse does change my perception of the characters. It also explains why Jurgens said Booster had an interest in learning how to fight. It makes me less certain why Booster (under Johns) would want to get to know the man, especially since this issue has him calling the day his father left the first moment of peace the family ever had. Booster also says that the league kicked him out once the big guns came back. Even back then they were jerks. 

I've been waiting for a Doomsday rematch. Next issue should be fun although I miss getting Booster four times a month in three books.


  1. I wasn't really surprised by the news that Booster's dad was abusive to their mom, I guess I just assumed he was a total jerk! And speaking of jerks...yeah, the big guns came back and that was the end of the JLI. Which sort've explains why Superman and Hal were so high and mighty to Booster when they were all traipsing around looking for Batman.

  2. I never really saw Jon as the type of character Guys' dad was. Jon just never seemed interested in his family. And the twins were four when he left so I wouldn't expect them to remember much anyway. I do worry that cliches will happen with Booster given his upbringing. Like it will be revealed he was part of a gang or did drugs or something.

    Yeah Hals' words affected Booster so much he still mentions it! At least Superman admitted he suspected Booster of being Supernova.

  3. As much as I love Hal (and I do) he can be SUCH an arrogant dick some of the time. Booster just isn't on his list of acceptable people, such as the Green Lanterns or the original Justice League. If you're not in those two groups, it is as though he barely even knows you exist.

  4. I never thought of Hal like that before but it makes sense.