Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bruce being creepy and the boys being cute

This is the next time we see him after a wide eyed Jason gets pulled into the shadows with Batman. I have no idea how he went from terrified to confidently wearing a costume when he doesn't know who Batman is.

But to highlight how controlling he is Bruce decides to track Jason. (No it's not important to the plot as this is never used.)

The book isn't without it's cute moments like Dick and Jason working together.

And my favorite scene for either Dick or Jason is this one. While looking for Alfred they come across a number of questionable activities taking place within the same building he's being held. Dick arrives first then covers Jasons' eyes when he spots what looks like some flesh piece is being shot. Why do I love this bit? Because Dick is being an adorable big brother and Jason is so innocent and concerned for Alfred. While not in this picture Dick also refers to Jason as "Little Wing."

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