Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Justice League International #2


What Happened Previously: International superheroes were gathered for an elaborate P.R. stunt. Since Booster Gold is a good salesman and they think he'll be easy to control the U.N. agree to let him be the leader. Guy Gardner was not thrilled with this arrangement and quit. Batman has faith in Boosters' abilities, thinks the JLA and JLI should have a good working relationship. Hair controlled powered Lady Godiva had the hots for Booster. The Hall of Justice got blown up by protestors and the team finds a giant robot to fight.

Story Title: "The Signal Masters part 2"

Thoughts: I don't know how some of these characters know each other or what happened in their past but I don't mind. This is still JLI. No, not the Giffin/DeMatteis one but that's okay. It's still driven by the characters and their struggles. Some say J'onn was the soul of all the Justice Leagues, I always thought Blue and Gold were the heart of the old JLI. So it's fitting that Booster is the heart (and perhaps soul) of this version. What makes him fascinating no matter what incarnation is how human Booster is. How hard he tries, the way his failures weigh him down and how much we the readers cheer for him when he succeeds. 

I honestly believe that if you don't feel for Booster in this you are determined to hate the character without actually reading about him. This isn't something he demanded but he's the leader put under tremendous pressure. He's trying but there are people who don't like him telling them what to do, question his actions and it's apparent that he doubts himself. I don't mind Gavril being the one to call Booster on things since retreating was his idea of  being a coward in JLGL. But did he just become the GUY of the group with Batmans' "sit down" bit? I'm pretty sure that's a call back to him saying the same thing to Guy in the old JLI.

Speaking of Batman I love how he's written here. His bond with Booster is one of the things I love most about him. It's one thing to be there for his family or for the JLA members but Booster isn't seen like the others. Batman knows he's a good hero and is there for him when he needs him. Not so much for his skills but for being one of the few people that actually sees him for what he is and can be brutally honest. Batman is honest here. He knows any failure the team suffered wasn't Booster fault but at the same time tells Booster to make sure it doesn't happen again. Then he offers his support later on when it counts. (Although he did put Booster in a spot by showing up in the first place.)

August General in Iron surprised me a little. I never read anything with him in it before so I was under the impression that he'd be someone who wanted to lead. Yet he says he's honored to be led by Booster. Lady Godivas' support made me laugh because I know someone will take that panel out of context. I'm half expecting to find a fanfic based on it. I do enjoy her character even though she only seems to be attracted to Booster because of his looks. I wouldn't mind them dating, it would be interesting to see her react to his history.  Not sure if she'd be Rips' momma although the color scheme fits. I might start reading Rips' voice with a British accent now. Of course Booster would have to get over his reaction to her hair first. 

Briggs wasn't in this much but I thought the Hall of Justice blowing up would be something Max would cause while Briggs shrugs it off figuring they might be able to use it.

I do wonder what Fire and Ice think of Booster as leader. Neither of them add their two cents about whether he's a bad leader or join the support side.

Say What?: Guy obviously cares deeply for Tora although it seems that they only went on a few dates and she doesn't feel the same. I wonder where this will lead.

Apparently the controversy last issue caused was forgotten by the readers in light of others. No, not a comment on the book but I found it ironic.

Skeets still exists in the Booster cave! (Which I am calling the new time lab.) 

Questions Raised?:

Did Booster just stop a potential one punch with Batman and Briggs? Since Guy is back to question his leadership and Booster is in charge does that mean he gets to punch Guy?

Verdict: Loved this issue! Glad that it's in my pull even though I mourn the loss of the Booster Gold book and his supporting characters. The group interactions are interesting and there's a chance Booster might actually *gasps* have a on panel love interest! 


  1. I do love this book. Which isn't to say that I can't see room for improvement, but least they are back together and being written about!

    Batman has been remarkably...calm throughout this. Gavril has been a bit hotheaded, and it seems that he and Fire aren't together which is a bit of a shame. I'm also panting for Guy and Ice to continue dating, and she seems a to that. Vixen hasn't said much, and August General in Iron hasn't done a whole lot either, but at least he's supporting Booster.

    Needs more Skeets!

  2. It's still early and I applaud Jurgens for trying to give each character a little panel time.

    Gavril has gone hot and cold. Last issue he complained to Booster about AGII. Here he's ticked that they retreated. Hopefully it will come up since she was defending Gavril last issue. Maybe Jurgens doesn't want to write three love stories in at once? At least Guy/Tora happened. Vixen did ask what sort of leader orders a retreat in the middle of a fight, so she seems a little bothered by all this.

    Everything is better with Skeets.

  3. I really enjoyed this one. It was fun the entire way through. I also enjoyed the Batman and Booster interactions. I will admit when I saw the LG panels with Booster I wondered what you were thinking.

    I don't think this is my fave of the reboot, but the character development is definitely there and this is one is just going to continue to build. I know this is one I will be sticking with.

  4. Yeah other books could win that spot but for me at the moment this one's my fave. It's the one that makes me feel the best when I put it down. I think that's because it's fun while others are still introducing characters, concepts, or have other things that get in the way. I know that it's mainly about the character interactions but that's okay with me.

  5. It's okay with me too. I wasn't knocking the book by saying it wasn't my fave. I thought the number 1 was good, but I really liked the way they continued to set up this group in number 2.

  6. I know just saying what's a big plus it was for me. Same here.