Sunday, October 16, 2011

DC Panels

Not much was revealed in these DC panels but a few things stuck out from Justice League, Batman and Young Justice.

Justice League:

  • Okay that thing with Aquaman stuck in a desert sounds funny.
  • Like the team up in JLI with Booster/Batman and RR/Ice. I can't recall Gavril and Tora interacting much. 
  • Seriously people bring back Wally, every panel has people asking for him.
  • Booster DOES have memories about Flashpoint (not mentioned if their pre-Flashpoint) but their repressed. Skeets was damaged so there's a pretty good reason for him not knowing. Okay what does Jurgens have up his sleeve if he keeps teasing with his Rip Hunter answers?
  • Okay I smiled when they said the Hooded Woman was Wally West.
  • Why was the Catwoman/RHATO controversy brought up in a Justice League panel and not the Batman one? Either way I lose respect for the speaker when they start name calling/shaming Kory. Bruce Wayne can sleep with three different women a month and he's not called a slut. I've seen it mentioned by a few different people that there's more to the story in RHATO than we've seen so this is reassuring because it does have it's glitches. Glad to see DC being supportive of Lobdell but I thought it was hilarious that they don't address Catwoman or Winick directly. I can see Winick being used to it by now. 
  • For some reason when they said "Artemis" I thought of Young Justice even though I don't watch it.  Sad to hear she's not in WW because I always thought she was cool.


  • I didn't read the Tony Daniels book but I'm someone that couldn't sit through the movie Face Off so I can't imagine sitting through an entire arc about it.
  • The Ventriloquist using a dead cop as his "doll" ...O_O....I really don't like the mental picture that gave me.
  • I used to read Nightwing off and on so maybe I missed this, but were tasers really a big part of his costume? 

Young Justice:

  • Bart apparently wears Tims' old Robin costume (the red one) to taunt Superboy.
  • It wasn't so much the Spanish that bugged me in BB as the fact it was used so randomly with English. Not happy with the idea of Paco having a bullet wound in his chest. Yes, that was a terrible joke. How many mentors can Jaime have? Yeah he didn't have a solid one but he had Peacemaker, Guy, Batman, Booster and I forget how many other people helping him. I know new canon. Booster could be his mentor, I mean we have Wolverine in everything at Marvel, once time travel is working again we'd have an excuse for Booster. 
  • Aren't the anti-Hawk and Dove each other?
  • Wait---their the first Teen Titans ever? What about all the writers mentioning Dick being in the Titans and certain eras still happening? Were they called something else? Did DC just change their mind about that? Tim might not be an orphan but they said IC happened. 
  • See! Another Wally West mention!
  • Yeah Beast Boy and Raven!


  1. I love the Aquaman thing. That was my biggest surprise hit of the #1's. I think this will be in the keeper list if #2 is as good as #1.

    I enjoyed reading Detective #1, and the twist I thought was interesting, but I don't know if I will enjoy it in the long run. I guess we will see.

  2. If I didn't have so many books I might have tried Aquaman. Sounds like fun.

    I guess it reads better in the comic. I couldn't stand the Face off movie so it's probably not for me.

  3. I must admit I almost didn't pick it up, but wanted to buy something while traveling and just gave it a whirl. I really want to see what it does with this first arc. I want to narrow my list down and I am having a hard time. I feel like I have 3 too many. Ugggghhhh.

    And I wasn't a huge fan of the movie either, but the fact that they just did it with arguably the most recognizable villain in the known world, it made it have a bigger impact.

  4. That's the problem with liking new books, then you'll have too many. Same here, I think that SS will be the next if I drop if it doesn't improve.